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210D HDPE Gridstop - Full Roll

Burnt Orange
Charcoal Gray
Dark Olive
Moroccan Blue
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    NOTE - This is a full roll of 210D HDPE Gridstop (54.5 yds). Looking for smaller amounts? Click HERE for sales by the yard. 

    210D HDPE Gridstop.  This popular backpack material is made stronger and more abrasion resistant by an HDPE fiber reinforcement grid on top of the base ripstop pattern. The HDPE grid also yields exceptional tear and tensile strength compared to comparable non-HDPE reinforced pack fabrics. This fabric is waterproof/non-breathable with a PU coating on the backside.

    This exact HDPE Gridstop is used by the best in the business and is a common material used in backpacks and other gear from some of the high-end cottage vendors. It has a base nylon fabric with 210 denier fibers with an HDPE content equaling 9% of total fabric weight.

    A 210 denier fabric is great for nearly everything you can throw at it, including extra hard use such as climbing, long distance hiking, or any application that will see a lot of wear and abrasion.

  • Product Details
    Color Black, Burnt Orange, Charcoal Gray, Dark Olive, White, Moroccan Blue
    Width 58"
    Weight 4.8 oz/yd 2 
    Denier 210D
    Finish/Coating PU coated back, DWR front - waterproof

Customer Reviews

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Great website, fast service!

Good quality and favorable properties for backpacks

This is and excellent material for making light weight and ultralight backpacks. Compared with X-21 and other X-Pac materials, this HDPE Gridstop is more supple and less stiff, so it does not hold crease lines where it has been folded. The suppleness also works better for draw cord channels and roll tops, where the fabric gets folded and ruffled frequently. Another benefit over X-Pac is no thick X-grid, which is a locus for wear, especially in areas that get folded or ruffed. The HDPE Gridstop is also an attractive material with a reasonable selection of colors that complement each other.

The PU coating appears to be uniform and substantial, although it does taper off in the last inch or so of the selvedge edge. The material is a little more difficult to cut with scissors than X-Pac, due to the toughness of the white HDPE gridstop threads (a benefit nonetheless). While easy enough to sew, the material does stretch a little more and is a little more slippery than X-Pac, requiring a slight change in your sewing technique.


I have been trying to see lighter and lighter fabrics for so long, that tossing a burley chunk of this gridstop under the foot of my machine was oddly satisfying.

Boom! Great stuff!!

Pleased with the new colors!


210D HDPE Gridstop

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