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OutdoorINK™ Color Map


OutdoorINK™ Color Map



  • If you would like to use a free and downloadable PDF of the color map, click here

    Check out our Online Interactive Color Map

    Printed fabric is expensive. Want to know what your colors will look like before spending all that money? We've got the solution. 

    The OutdoorINK Color Map is a full printed linear yard of fabric containing 1260 solid color swatches, along with the corresponding RGB color code used to print each one.

    This means that you can find the exact color(s) you want, then use those colors in your digital artwork for custom printing or when buying Omnicolor fabrics and kits.

    Without the map, you're essentially guessing and hoping. The only way to be sure is to buy a color map so that you know what colors will look like on a given fabric ahead of time. 

    Think of it as your treasure map to color confidence

    But it doesn't stop there. Here are some other creative ways to use this map: 

    • Find best-match solid color(s) for existing physical items - backpack, hammock, printed pattern, existing fabric sample - then buy printed fabric using that exact matching color(s)
    • Hang the map on your wall (or anywhere, really) and use it as a reference when planning future projects
    • Turn the map into an actual project/product - If you're done with the map, use it to make something
    • Share the map with a friend

    Basically, if you're DIYer, business, or designer looking to choose printed colors with confidence, this map is an absolute  must-have. Don't risk a mistake or spending money on something you aren't happy with. 

    Simply select your desired fabric above. Note that colors will print slightly different on all fabrics, so it is best to order a map for each fabric that you intend to print on. 

    *Please allow extra processing time as all OutdoorINK Color Maps are printed on-demand when you place your order. 

  • Click HERE to view all our current print ready fabrics and materials. For a side-by-side comparison of FRONT/BACK ink penetration, see this page.

    OutdoorINK Printed Fabrics Preview

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Hybrid DCF colour map

Not only useful as a accurate colour chart, it makes excellent pouches and bum bags too👍

People have been loving making gear out of the color maps! It becomes a dual-purpose multi-functional piece of gear. It's also just super fun! Thanks for sharing Pete.

Happy MYOG Customer
OutdoorInk Color Map

Hugely practical guide to have around for reference. Personally I find it easier to compare colors on the type of fabrics I have in mind for future projects. Not only is it free of the variables a screen can give, but how the colors look in sunlight vs artificial lighting is worth seeing.
My 1.0 Noseeum map is a quilt storage bag and still a fully functional color map, Dyneema- a flashy lightweight dust cover for my sewing machine.
HyperD300- hemmed and hanging on the kitchen wall for decoration and starting me thinking at any time of day.
X-Pac - the one next on my shopping list as it's my most used.
Highly recommended product.
Fantastic idea; always a pleasure to order from RSBTR. Remarkable how swiftly orders are shipped and how welcoming the service is.

You are sharing some seriously good ideas for how to keep the color map around but also make it useful! We'd love to see some photos of your color map projects, here is a link to share photos if you'd like! https://forms.gle/WY88JMN8bbx2o1EC9

James Cadorette
Nice color chart

This color chart is printed on ripstop fabric which is ideal for matching the right colors to your project.

Hi James, Thanks for the review! I hope the color map helps with ordering and designing in the future.

1.6 ripstop nylon

Ordered this in 1.6 nylon. This is definitely useful to have.

Hi Luke,

Thanks for the review! Enjoy the color map.

AJ Kassenaar

OutdoorINK Color Map