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Ripstop on the Record is a podcast for MYOGers, DIYers, weight weenies, fabric enthusiasts and anyone else interested in great gear! We talk to engineers, makers, cottage vendors, and other leaders in the industry. 


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Ep. 26 - Ripstop on the Record


Great Walks of New Zealand: Adventure Spotlight

Episode: 26

Guest: Cameron + Kadi Fedde


Cameron and Kadi relocated to New Zealand from Colorado during the pandemic but made the most of it by purchasing a van to live in. Their adventures are now taking them on foot by tramping The New Zealand Great Walks with gear they made themselves. Listen to hear about upcycling yoga pants for stretch pockets on a backpack and what New Zealand trails have to offer!  


  Episode 25 - Ripstop on the Record

Colorado Trail: Adventure Spotlight

Episode: 25

Guest:Aidan Mike - Kate Nelson


Adventure Sponsors, Kate and Aidan, took on two adventures this summer and we get the green light to ask all about their experiences. Aidan took on a 1000 mile bikepacking + skimo journey. Then the couple + their dog Peanut, took on the Colorado Trail. 



Episode 24: Kryptek Is Coming

Butch Whiting, co-founder of Kryptek

Episode: 24

Guest: Butch Whiting


Talking to Butch was funny and inspiring;  he told great stories, and he spoke passionately about the work that Kryptek does. Plus we learn about the science behind camo and the technology they use to create their patterns.  

Ripstop on the Record Episode 23 - MYOG Journeys

Our MYOG Journeys 

Episode: 23

Guest: Carter Holland, Isaac Osborne


In this episode, we share our personal MYOG Journeys as well as other maker's stories. From Hobby Lobby, to in-laws, and holiday stockings, this episode has something for everyone. 



Ep. 22 - PAST Outdoors

PAST Outdoors

Episode: 22

Guest: Dave Parker


Dave is a retired Australian military operator. Now he wants to use lessons from his upbringing and career to help families build memories in the outdoors with his durable and innovative hot tent design. 



Rockgeist Bikepack USA

Episode: 21

Guest:Greg Hardy


From NC breweries and seam welding, to consumer education and hiding under a rock in the Alps. We talk to a thought leader in the MYOG industry. 



All About OutdoorINK  

Episode: 20

Guest: Kyle Baker 


Kyle talks about the inception of our fabric printing capabilities and how it really all goes down. 



Lifecycle of New Product 

Episode: 19

Guest: Carter & Isaac


We’re talking about how we take products from our spreadsheets to your sewing table. We discuss details on product selection, testing, and onboarding. 




Company Spotlight: Samson Rope

Episode: 18

Guest: Gavin McWilliams


Are you a fan of Amsteel? Then you definitely don't want to miss this episode interview with Gavin McWilliams, the Global Product Manager for Samson Rope .



Wind River Range Ski Traverse: Adventure Spotlight

Episode: 17

Guest: Bryce Gordon


The Wind River Range in Wyoming is one of the most rugged and remote places to explore in the United States. Now throw in winter conditions, high snowpack, and a skillful adventurer. Listen now to hear all about Bryce Gordon's ski traverse and the custom gear he made for his adventure.




Bikepacking the Tour De Los Padres: Adventure Spotlight

Episode: 16

Guest: Myles Lucas


Adventure Sponsor Myles Lucas, is no stranger to making his own gear. As a bike component machinist by day, Myles picked up sewing a few years ago so he could create bike bags and and other gear.  Listen to our conversation about backpacking and making his own gear for the trip. 


Episode 15

Maker Questions: Part 3

Episode: 15

Guest: Isaac, Carter, Avery, Jameson

Description:We answer your questions...again! From sewing tools to making hacks and fabric applications, this episode is full of information for both beginners and experts!


Episode 14

What is your dream project?

Episode: 14

Guest: Carter and Isaac

Description: This week the Ripstop by the Roll team talks projects! What we've recently made, our future projects, dream projects, and the hardest part of a project.



Episode 13

What do Bushcraft and UL have in common?

Episode: 13

Guest: Rod and Isaac

Description: Bushcraft 101, comparisons between UL and BC as well as new projects announcements!


Episode 12


From MYOG to Building a Small Brand

Episode: 12

Guest: Julianne from Wild Brush

Description: We talk with a small business owner about the perils and privilege of MYOG, the outdoors, and more. 




  Episode 11

Ask a Mechanic: Your Sewing Machine Needs - Part 2

Episode: 11 

Guest: Aron from Capital Sew and Quilt

Description: We talk to a sewing machine technician about what he has seen and where the industry is going. 



  Episode 10

Your Sewing Machine Needs - Part 1

Episode: 10 

Hosts: Avery, Jay, Carter

Description: We talk about all things sewing machines



Episode 9

Deep Dive with Dimension Polyant

Episode: 9 

Guest: Taylor North

Description:We talk with Taylor North, Head of Technical Fabrics at Dimension Polyant



Episode 8

Ultralight Backpacking with Nashville Pack

Episode: 8 

Guest: Bedhead & Gusha

Description: Learn about the best gear and best packs from two experienced thru hikers.



  Episode 7

Maker's Questions: Round 2 for 2021

Episode: 7 

Guest: Avery, Jay, Carter, Kyle

Description: The crew answers your questions! 


  Ep. 6 - Maker Spotlight with Allmans Right


Maker's Questions: Round 2 for 2021

Episode: 6 

Guest: Livio and Jennifer from Allmans Right 

Description:For this special episode, we get to check-in with Livio and Jennifer the team behind Allmanright, based out of the Bronx, NY.



Bike Bag Sew Off

Episode: 5 

Guest: Carter & Jay

Description: We both made handle bar bags to our specs then compare projects.



Fabric Application Details 

Episode: 4 

Guest: Carter, Kyle, Jay

Description: We help makers choose what fabrics to use on their next projects.



Inside the Minds of  Dyneema®

Episode: 3 

Guest: Chiahru & Peto from DSM 

Description: We talk to the leading minds behind one of the strongest materials on earth



Maker's Questions: Carter Keep Your Shirt On

Episode: 2

Guest: Carter & Kyle

Description: We answer the questions you have for us!



Inception Story of Ripstop by the Roll 

Episode: 1

Guest: Carter & Kyle

Description: Never before heard details of how RBTR was started!