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Full Color Swatch Books



  • Want a sample of every color in a certain fabric? You need a  Full Color Swatch Book.

    These books/rings include a unique 5" diameter circle swatch  of EACH color we currently stock in a certain fabric. Every sample is now  laser cut by us in-house to create beautiful, heat sealed samples every time. No more fraying, ugly, or miscut samples.

    For a company making finished products, you're leaving money on the table every day you don't have these. Use them at trade shows, gatherings, etc to show off color options or in-house with your development team to pick the perfect color for your product.  

    For the habitual DIYer, these are seriously your best friend. Never guess at color matching or material decisions again.

Customer Reviews

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Great Service

Recently ordered a collection of samples to get back into sewing and making gear. One of the sample packs was missing. I let them know and they quickly sent the missing samples. Thanks.

Dont receive it.

Dont receive it

Hi Andreina, I'm sorry to hear about the problems with you order. Please reach to us at Sales@ripstopbytheroll.com with your order number so we can take a look.
Great sample pack before buying from UGQ

I am interested in buying a custom quilt from UGC (Under Ground Quilts). They told me specifically what 10D and 20D fabrics from ripstopbytheroll they use for the outside and inside so I could order a sample pack to determine what color scheme I wanted. As always the sample packs are professionally grouped and labeled.
I have ordered many other samples as well as fabric from the awesome company.

Big Help for the Future!

I have begun to make custom made pouches and hammocks to support my Donate Life campaigns. The swatches let my customers feel and choose the color and fabrics they want.

Handy to have on hand

Its nice to have these on hand to compare colors and decide on future orders. Definitely a must have and it alleviates the issue of monitor color differences.

Hi Doug, Thanks for the review! The full color books are great for reference.
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