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Full Color Swatch Books

  • Want a sample of every color in a certain fabric? You need a  Full Color Swatch Book.

    These books/rings include a unique 5" diameter circle swatch  of EACH color we currently stock in a certain fabric. Every sample is now  laser cut by us in-house to create beautiful, heat sealed samples every time. No more fraying, ugly, or miscut samples.

    For a company making finished products, you're leaving money on the table every day you don't have these. Use them at trade shows, gatherings, etc to show off color options or in-house with your development team to pick the perfect color for your product.  

    For the habitual DIYer, these are seriously your best friend. Never guess at color matching or material decisions again.

    *Note - We are currently transitioning all our samples to laser cut circles in lieu of the previous 6"x6" squares. Please be aware that some swatch books may still ship as squares.

Customer Reviews

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Shipping very late.

Ordered it a week ago, still hasn't arrived, kind of a bummer when you are excited about getting supplies in. But the products are always good.

Hi Joseph, Thanks for the review. Looking at tracking, it looks like the order has been delivered. I do apologize for the USPS delaying your order. If you need anything, please let us know!
Great design help

Seeing and feeling the samples has been a great help to me in re-thinking my design. Thank you!

color swatches

Even if you are only making stuff for yourself, these color swatches are amazing. The laser cut outs are almost perfect. The impact these have had on my business on the couple weeks I have had them is amazing. Definitely a salesperson in itself.


Excellent customer service! The fabric swatches I ordered were very well put together and of high quality. And the shipping was fast and painless!

Helpful accessory

I bought this to have a better idea of what I was ordering to make hammocks. The swatches do just that. I plan to buy other books as needed.

So glad the swatch books were beneficial to you! Thank you for the positive feedback.
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