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Customer Project: Modified G4 Backpack

by Paul H

  • This is a modification of Gossamer Gear’s G4 backpack (pattern and kit with hardware and mesh available online) and a Cuben cloth pack liner/bear bag. The pack body is HyperD 300 and Dyneema and has external mesh pockets. Modifications include a sternum strap and compression (top and front). I was aiming to keep the weight under 560 grams but it finished out at 592 grams (20.9 oz), which beats the heck out of the 5 1/2 pound Jansport I carried for many years. The “frame” is a four section 1/2” closed cell foam pad, joined into an accordion fold, and slips into lycra mesh pockets on the back. The Cuben cloth pack liner/food bag has a roll top closure and the webbing is joined by a small carabiner for hanging at night. Construction was straightforward and without problems, even though this was a first time project