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The $10 DIY Kit

$10.00 /kit
  • Want to try your hand at DIY but unsure about committing the $$$ for fabric and materials just yet? Meet  The $10 DIY Kit. Whether it's lack of experience, procrastination, or the fear of watching your project go down in flames on the first stitch, The $10 DIY Kit is designed to help! 

    Aside from needle and thread, what we've put together is a box of goodies that gives you everything you need (*outside of thread) to hone your skills and complete your first DIY stuff sack project. For  $10 shipped, here's what you get: 

    (1) Random section of scrap 
    (3) 18" x 30" grab bag fabric blanks - see pic on left for current fabrics
    (1) 6 foot section of drawcord
    (1) 1 foot section of 3/4" black grossgrain
    (3) mini-cordlocks

    *Thread sold separately HERE

    So what are you waiting for? For the cost of an overpriced burger, learn something useful and get started with DIY!

    * FREE SHIPPING on US orders. International shipments for small upcharge. 

    *The $10 DIY Kit is a good deal. Like REALLY good. Please limit to one per customer. This will not be enforced, but adherence is appreciated. 

  • Product Details
    Colors Black, Dark Olive, Deep Gray
    Panton ref # N/A
    Width 62''
    Weight 0.5 oz/yd 2
    Denier 10D
    Finish/Coating None
  • NEW - For help turning your $10 DIY Kit fabric into something useful, check out our video instructions on "Making Your First Stuff Sack" below:

    Have suggestions or something you'd like to see added to these instructions? Send an email to

Customer Reviews

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The $10 DIY Kit

Great kit

Great kit to build your confidence on before starting larger projects!



So excited!!

My kit came in the mail today! Very timely shipping! I made a simple request in my order and RSBTR kindly complied. Very helpful!
The three main sections of fabric are great! Will give me a good start for practicing with the fabrics before my big projects.
Note: be aware the 'random scrap of fabric' really is just a scrap. I didn't really expect much from it. Just saying. My scrap is about 10" x 2". Just big enough to practice some stitching.
So excited to get into this DIY!!

Quality Kits

I have not had a chance to use the kits yet but the materials are all top quality.

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