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The $10 DIY Kit

$10.00 /kit
  • Want to try your hand at DIY but unsure about committing the $$$ for fabric and materials just yet? Meet  The $10 DIY Kit.

    Whether it's lack of experience, procrastination, or the fear of watching your project go down in flames on the first stitch, The $10 DIY Kit is designed to help! 

    Aside from needle and thread, what we've put together is a box of goodies that gives you everything you need (*outside of thread) to hone your skills and complete your first DIY stuff sack project.

    For  $10 shipped, here's what you get: 

    (1) Random section of scrap 
    (3) 18" x 30" grab bag fabric blanks - see pic on left for current fabrics
    (1) 6 foot section of drawcord
    (1) 1 foot section of 3/4" black grossgrain
    (3) mini-cordlocks

    *Thread sold separately HERE

    So what are you waiting for? For the cost of an overpriced burger, learn something useful and get started with DIY!

    * FREE SHIPPING on US orders. International shipments for small upcharge. 

  • NEW - For help turning your $10 DIY Kit fabric into something useful, check out our video instructions on "Making Your First Stuff Sack" below:

    Have suggestions or something you'd like to see added to these instructions? Send an email to

Customer Reviews

Based on 138 reviews

Material, supplies, delivery and especially customer service was exceptional. We ordered 10 hammock kits for our scout troop and the kids are having a great time stitching everything together. Before we started the work, we all sat down and watched the RBTR video on the kit and it helped tremendously.

Keep up the fantastic work!

Great starter kit

I just decided to get into making gear and got a sewing machine. Great easy first project to get my feet wet. Now I’m hooked. Just ordered some supply’s to try my first hammock. Can’t wait to get it.

First timer

Service was great, fast delivery, looking forward to more.

These guys are great!

Ordered my first hammock project and it was delivered as promised. Everything went so well that I just ordered the winter tarp kit. Love the video tutorials and looking forward to more as this was my first time sewing. Thanks!

DIY Kit Stuff sac

Didn't really have a plan for this DIY kit as I bought it on a checkout special when purchasing material for a sleeping bag. Turned out very useful for a stuff sack (about 7L using the Silpoly) complete with cord, toggle and tape (plus spare toggle for my sleeping bag!) Same as other comments - A list of what the materials are would be useful to save looking up first the kit contents and then the material specs online. It would also be good to know what the practice scrap is.

Hi Katrina, Thanks for the review! We'll look into adding a list of materials with the DIY kit.
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