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The $10 DIY Kit

$10.00 /kit

  • Want to try your hand at DIY but unsure about committing the $$$ for fabric and materials just yet? Meet  The $10 DIY Kit.

    Whether it's lack of experience, procrastination, or the fear of watching your project go down in flames on the first stitch, The $10 DIY Kit is designed to help! 

    Aside from needle and thread, what we've put together is a box of goodies that gives you everything you need (*outside of thread) to hone your skills and complete your first DIY stuff sack project.

    For  $10 shipped, here's what you get: 

    (1) Random section of scrap 
    (3) 18" x 30" grab bag fabric blanks - see pic on left for current fabrics (note that you may recieve HEX70 PU3000 or HD300 in Burnt Orange as we transition to new materials)
    (1) 6 foot section of drawcord
    (1) 1 foot section of 3/4" black grossgrain
    (3) mini-cordlocks

    *Thread sold separately HERE

    So what are you waiting for? For the cost of an overpriced burger, learn something useful and get started with DIY!

    * FREE SHIPPING on US orders. International shipments for small upcharge. 

  • NEW - For help turning your $10 DIY Kit fabric into something useful, check out our video instructions on "Making Your First Stuff Sack" below:

    Have suggestions or something you'd like to see added to these instructions? Send an email to suggestions@ripstopbytheroll.com.

Customer Reviews

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DIY Stuff Sack Kit

Great for first sewing project. I bought this to see if I could actually learn to sew (I can) before attempting more ambitious projects.

I made 2 regular stuff sacks and 1 double-ended stuff sack (I had to source another cord lock and additional cord). They all came out great. The last one (double-ended) was the best of the 3 because of all the previous practice.

The video directions are adequate to get you going. I was not happy with the way the drawstring closure worked out on the first two so I used the “folded corner” method from one of Jellyfish’s videos for the double-ended version and that came out awesome.

I’m not sure what you’re supposed to do with the included grosgrain as there is no mention of this in instructional video. I guess I will save for a later project.

I have plenty of fabric left over to make stake sacks or just to practice sewing technique.

Hi Greg, Thanks for the review! Stuff sacks make great intro projects.
Great starter kit

I made 5 stuff sacks with this kit. I used 1 full size sheet, then cut the other two in half to make smaller stuff sacks, using para-cord for the drawstrings, following the RBTR youtube for directions.

Great intro to working with performance fabric

As a man in my mid 30s, I've only sewn once of twice up to this point in my life. I got a wild hair to learn how to sew my own gear and stumbled upon Ripstop by The Roll (RSBTR) and this DIY kit.

RSBTR fulfilled my order super quickly and I was off to the races. I started with the HEX70 PU3000 fabric and a waterproof zipper (also purchased by RSBTR). Following the video on their website, I had myself a nice bag with boxed corners in a little over an hour.

Great experience overall. Highly recommend RSBTR.

Learning to sew

Made a double ended stuff sack, a single ended stuff sack, and two travel sized pillows from the materials provided. It was really exciting to MAKE something, and I will be moving on to more complex projects from here. Great confidence booster. Thanks!

Great Way to Get Started!

I knew that I wanted to get into making small pouches and packets and was dead set on buying a Dyneema zip pouch kit, but saw this as I was about to check out and ended up buying both. I had never really done much sewing before, and these materials gave me a great way to experiment! I bought some extra 1" webbing with my order and turned some of the fabric from this kit into a stuff sack with a handle and a carabiner attachment. RBTR is the bomb, and these rotating kits of mixed materials make it cheap and simple to try out new ideas and new fabrics.

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