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Customer Project: DIY Hex12 Silpoly 1.6 Moroccan Blue

by Cabman

  • Made a DIY Hex 12 using Silpoly 1.6 in Moroccan Blue. 

    Modified the dimensions a bit for a shallower cat cut, and a couple of inches extra on the overall tarp.

    Opted for radial reinforcement patches, grosgrain tieouts, flat felled ridge seam, and a rolled hem perimeter.

    I cut the drops extra long to make grizz beak style doors in the future from the leftovers.

    This was a challenging project, due to the slippery nature of the silpoly and the cat cuts. The reward is well worth it and I learned a great deal on this project. Clips were my best friend keeping the material from walking. This is a durable tarp and while it is a little heavier, it should last for years.

    RBTR gave me all the instruction I needed to get started and I made revisions using the help of the hammockforums.net peoples.