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Customer Project: Food Sack and Throw Bag

by Dan H

  • I made a food bag and a throw bag with the $10 DIY kit I recently ordered. I have wanted a more durable food bag than a normal stuff sack/drybag for a while now. I made the food bag similar in design to a traditional roll-top drybag, with grosgrain tabs on each side to clip onto a carabiner. The size ended up being approx 8" in diameter by 15" tall. My kids love to "hang the food" at the end of a day of packing, but lashing a piece of wood or a large water bottle to throw was difficult for them to deal with. So I set out to make a small bag that can be filled with weight (a handful of rocks, or even dirt) then clipped onto the hang-cord. I created a small bag (4"diameter by 4" tall) with a drawstring closure, but added a pair of 3/8" grosgrain tabs (one on each side) to clip a carabiner onto.