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1" Polyester Webbing 1500 lb - Black

$7.75 /section (25')

1" Polyester Webbing 1500 lb - Black

$7.75 /section (25')

269 sections in stock

  • 1" black polyester webbing rated to 1500 lb break strength. Highly durable with low-stretch.

    Sold in pre-cut 25 foot sections. Enter a qty of "1" for a single 25' section, "2" for two separate 25' sections, etc.

    IMPORTANT - If you are ordering multiple sections and need a single continuous piece, please put a note on your order and we'll cut it continuous (*100 ft max continuous cut).

    Looking for other colors or designs? Click HERE for OutdoorINK printed webbing.

  • Product Details
    Color Black
    Material Polyester
    Width 1 inch
    Break strength 1500 lbs
    Weight ~7.6 grams/ft

Customer Reviews

Based on 117 reviews

It just looks strong!


Just get this now. I use it for everything.

It does it’s job

The webbing is nice and sturdy and does it’s job and if you’re buying multiple sections, RSBTR will leave it as one piece if you ask. It comes wrapped up nicely.

Thank you for your review. We're glad to know that the webbing works well and that it is easy to use.

Ryan S.
Great for tree straps

I’ve used a number of other types of webbing to make tree straps, but this is my go to. It sews well, the break strength is ridiculous, and the price is right, especially if black will get the job done. I like having the option for other colors, but when hammock camping in pines the straps get dirty quick so I just go with black.

Thanks for leaving a review Ryan! We're glad the webbing worked well for your tree straps!

Ugly al
Wonderful Stuff

Was not sure what I was ordering, and boy was I surprised. This is just an amazing product. I am using it as a daisy chain attachment point on bike bags. I think I could tow a car with this stuff.

Well, I guess it's always better to over build something when you can.

This polyester used as daisy chain for your bike bags will be able to withstand whatever! You just gave us a new video idea... Thanks Al!