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Customer Project: Bex Hammocks

by Rebecca Schaafsman

  • Hammocks that are functional in many uses than just one.  The solid colored hammocks are bright, inviting and playful with all of their colors and useful with the bag attached for personal items while in and out of the hammock.  Bex Tie Dye Hammocks are more art-based with multiple functionality.  I have always wanted to Tie Dye and after asking many people about the dye process, others have told me it probably would be possible, and I figured out how to make it work!  Bex Tie Dye Hammocks are unique to their own, never can be repeated twice, and having a fanny pack attached gives you multi functionality while in the hammock as well as out of the hammock.  You can even use the hammock as a wind breaker or a blanket.  By using the 1.6 oz Diamond HyperD material here at Ripstop By the Roll, I have found that it is a thicker material to allow some breathing but also block the wind more than the lower oz grades.  Also the hammock feels more tight, making it feel more secure while lounging.