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Climashield APEX - 5 oz/sq yd - Full Roll


Climashield APEX - 5 oz/sq yd - Full Roll


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    NOTE - This is a   full roll  of Climashield APEX - 5 oz/sq yd (40 yds). Looking for smaller amounts? Click   HERE for sales by the yard. 

    Climashield APEX reaches new heights in combinations of weight and thermal efficiency. Developed from a culmination of over 25 years of manufacturing experience, this innovative insulation is the lightest and most thermally efficient continuous filament insulation on the market today. Like other high-end synthetics, it also maintains warmth in wet and humid conditions.

    Due to it's unique continuous filament construction, Climashield APEX requires little to no quilting. This makes it easier to work with when compared to other synthetic insulations that require quilting panels to avoid shifting/migration. Great for sleeping bags, outer wear, and quilts. 

    Chimashield APEX also delivers superior warmth at lighter weights with its unique, continuous filament properties, reducing the overall weight of a sleeping bag, jacket or pair of pants. Climashield APEX insulation is highly compressible and maintains thermal efficiency even after multiple uses, being stretched, packed or washed.

    For additional information, please read more below or visit the Climashield website HERE.

  • Product Details
    Manufacturer Harvest CI
    Product Name Climashield APEX
    Weight 5 oz/yd 2 
    Width 60"
    DRY clo value 0.82 oz/yd 2
    WET clo value TBD
    Quilting requirements None - continuous filament, requires little to no quilting
    Loft 1.2" (3 cm)
    Scrim No scrim

Customer Reviews

Based on 152 reviews
DIY Apex underquilt 3/4 length

I just spent my first night hammock camping with my new DIY underquilt. I was toasty warm on a windy 44 degree night. I found the 3/4 length plenty long enough for my 5’6” body with no cold spots. I followed all the instructions and am happy to say the quilt was easy to adjust to my hammock set up. Am very pleased with the results of my finished project. I have enough materials left to make some Apex booties, mitts and/or a hood for colder nights.


Climashield APEX - 5 oz/sq yd

Thanks for leaving us a review, Happy Making!

paul manogue
Homemade quilt

Made a 2 layer hammock a while back and it had too much stretch for my weight, bought the climasheild and made a great 3 season quilt out of it.

Thanks for leaving a review Paul! That sounds like a great way to reuse fabric for a new project! We have a great blog as well hammock fabrics that might help your future hammock project! https://ripstopbytheroll.com/blogs/the-grid-online-blog/making-your-own-hammock-what-fabric-to-choose

Satisfied customer
Good insulation

I'm using this 5 Oz insulation for thermal window covers in my skoolie. Single pane glass and aluminum frames are not conducive to staying warm when it's below freezing outside. They are doing a very good job keeping most of the cold outside where it belongs. That said, if I do this again, will get even heavier version as some cold still gets thru. But I expected there would be some leakage so am not disappointed. Overall it gets the job done. And, when not being used I can stuff down to very small size for storage. So it's doing what I wanted.

Thanks for leaving us a review! Climashield APEX is awesome for van window insulation. We would love to see photos of your finished project, be sure to tag us on social media!

Happy MYOG Customer
Climashield Apex 5oz

Easy to work with, getting it under the presser foot and remembering to keep an eye on fibres beneath the throat plate are the main, yet simple things to deal with, really no issues with it. Requires no special treatment, simply cut to required size and lay it down. The layering of the fibres isn't 100% even, so it's worth keeping an eye out for thinner areas and bearing that in mind relative to the requirements of the project. I have a quilt I use indoors which does have a slightly thinner area and were I out in the cold it's possible I'd more aware of it. Though I used it outside over the summer with lows of 38-40f ,and it was excellent. Great to have synthetic gear when out in humid environments for multi day trips.
Making mini quilts for the kids with this stuff is in the pipeline. Should save a great deal of space and weight.
I was pleasantly surprised how small a 5oz top quilt can actually pack. Not as heavy and bulky as I was led to believe.
First class service from RBTR as always is the bonus on top of all that.

Thanks for leaving such a detailed and awesome review! We are glad that the Climashield APEX is easy to create with and that is packs down smaller than expected! It sounds like you're going to be busy creating quilts, be sure to tag us in some on social media!