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Customer Project: Climashield Sleeping Bag

by Jared

  • I made this sleeping bag to replace a heavier and cheap bag. It uses 5 oz/sq yd climashield apex synthetic insulation. Total weight is 3lb 4 oz including stuff sack and small pillow. 

    What I would do different: 
    Use a lighter shell materiel, such as Membrane 10 Nylon at .66oz/sq yd.
    Use more insulation. This bag is only comfortable down to about 30-40F. I've been in it in the low 20s and even with everything I brought on, I was still too cold to sleep.
    Use lighter insulation. Down or Primaloft One would reduce the weight of the bag even further. Primaloft One is about 10% warmer for the weight than Climashield Apex.
    I used a layer of mylar spray glued onto the inner shell layer to experiment with radiant heat reflectors. It was hole punched for breath-ability. I'm not convinced the mylar made a big difference. The weight and cost of mylar + glue would have been better allocated to more insulation.