Customer Project: Full size Shorty Under Quilt

by Meandering Mason

Somewhere between an Full and 3/4 Length 3 Season Under Quilt (I'm short so it is basically a full quilt for me) 
Total size: 60" long x 48" wide
BTW, I call it my banana because it looks like a banana.

Customer Project: Full size Shorty Under Quilt
Customer Project: Full size Shorty Under Quilt
Customer Project: Full size Shorty Under Quilt


2 yards .66 Membrane 10 taffeta nylon - charcoal grey
2 mini cordlocks - although I would suggest using the regular ones instead
4 regular cordlocks
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How do I make it?

I wanted the outer layer to have a little loft, so I added a 4 extra inches to the outer layer (yellow) and insulation compared to the inside (grey) layer, then tacked it down in pseudo baffles.  I'm not sure if this will make a difference or not in staying warmer.  

I added grosgrain to the long sides with a cord lock so I could cinch up the sides to make the quilt fit a little more snug around me.  I used a plastic stitch marker (used for knitting) to lock the cordlock in place.

Next, I added some grosgrain on all 4 corners so I can attach the the UQ to my hammock clips and tacked down the shockcord on each corner running the length of the short sides. I used min cordlocks, as I read somewhere that they fit the 1/8 shockcord nicely.  I think it would have been better to use the regular cordlocks instead as the mini are a little too snug.

I folder over the sides of the inside layer (grey) on top of the outside layer (yellow) to add a finished seam and left gaps in the sewing where the grosgrain and shockcord came through.

Using the lash-it, I attached it to my hammock.