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1.0 oz Dyneema® Composite Fabric CT2K.18 - Full Rolls


1.0 oz Dyneema® Composite Fabric CT2K.18 - Full Rolls


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    NOTEThis is a minimum order quantity of  1.0 oz/yd 2  Dyneeema® Composite Fabric (39.4 yds). Due to the nature of manufacturing from DSM, bulk orders will come in minimum quantities of 9.8 yard sections. For more about this, check out this article. Are you looking for smaller amounts? Click HERE for sales by the yard. 

    1.0 oz/yd 2 Dyneeema® Composite Fabric (formerly Cuben Fiber). DCF is a patented, ultra-lightweight fabric made of flexible non-woven composite laminates which are reinforced with Dyneema ®  fibers.

    This fabric is costly and for good reason. It's 15x strong than steel and provides the highest tear and tensile strength of any competing fabric on a weight-by-weight and thickness basis. Use only for projects that demand high-performance and the absolute best in ultra-lightweight, waterproof fabric.

    The 1.0 oz/yd 2 variant of DCF has twice the Dyneema fiber content and a thicker mylar layer compared to the 0.8 oz/yd 2. This makes it both stronger in tensile/tear strength and more abrasion/puncture resistant.

    Great for stronger, more robust tarps/tents/shelters walls and floors, reinforcement areas, rain gear, and medium duty stuff sacks.

    Dyneema® is a trademark of DSM. Use of these trademarks requires approval from DSM. 

    Want samples of all our DCF materials? Click HERE. DCF sample pack

  • Product Details
    Color Black (BLK), Gray (Natural)
    DSM product ID CT2K.18
    Width 54'' (137.2 cm)
    Weight  1.0 oz/yd 2 (28.3 grams)
    Finish/Coating 100% waterproof

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews

1.0 oz Dyneema® Composite Fabric CT2K.18

Thanks for your review WK!

Masaya K
easy to saw

Much easier to saw than 0.51oz.

Thanks for your review Masaya! We're glad you found the 1.0 oz Dyneema easier to work with. Let us know if you have any questions about future projects, we're here to help!

still thinking

I've not used my half yard of 1.0 oz. Dyneema...I'm still considering its properties.

Hey Lucy! There are so many great things you can do with the 1.0 Dyneema. Stuff sacks, pack cover, tarps, rain skirts and more! Let us know if you have any questions, we're here to help!

good stuff

Used some of this here fancy fabric to make a 19x23 bag for holding a bunch of food up in a tree away from rodents like squirrels and bears. Spent the better part of a week staring at it cause I was pretty spooked to cut and sew it before deciding to just go for it. Definitely a different experience but was easier than expected to work with. Holds a crease nicely unlike some lightweight ripstops/polys which was convenient. Even without seam tape, the bag turned out fairly air (and therefore water) tight. Definitely avoid messing up as any stray needle holes are likely to be quite visible. Will be purchasing more of various weights to make a tent in the near future. <3 #scrap_sack

Thanks for your review! The 1.0 DCF is great for food bags! We'd love to see pictures of your project, be sure to tag us on social media!

Donald Burwell
Always have what you want in stock

I run a small business and have placed multiple orders, they have always had what I needed and a very quick turn around time.

Thanks so much Donald! We also offer a wholesale program, here is the link to request an account! https://ripstopbytheroll.com/pages/wholesale