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Dyneema Composite Fabrics : Bulk orders and Full Rolls

Due to a manufacturing change directly from the supplier (DSM Dyneema), wholesale/full roll orders of Dyneema Composite Fabrics will now come as an MOQ order with a minimum roll size of 9.8 yards. This is because a part of the manufacturing process involves forming 9.8 yard panels within continuous yardage rolls.
For example, if you order a full roll quantity (39.4 yards) of 0.51 oz Dyneema Composite Hybrid, you could receive a single roll of 39.4 yards, four rolls of 9.8 yards, or any other combination of 9.85 yards to make up the total. However, because of the seam, any of those manners of receiving the material will produce the same amount of usable fabric.
You might have noticed this before (and have probably cut around it), but there is actually a small seam/crease every 9.8 yards on any roll of DCF. This is completely normal and inherent to the manufacturing process. That being said, DSM does not fully recommend using that area for a few reasons that we will list below. Keep in mind that these reasons are solely hypothetical and are only meant to protect our customers from any problems that could occur along the seams in certain applications. 
These seams endure a decent amount of pressure while curing, which locks that crease into the film, adhesive and fibers memory.  This can create a "hinge" area where the fabric folds over and over as time goes on (path of least resistance). The fiber can handle the repeated flexing, but the films can be extremely lightweight on the sub 1.0 oz materials. Someone lightly folding and rolling a tent might not see an issue as the material facets in other areas and evens out. 
The other obvious issue with these creases is purely an aesthetic one. Naturally, a crease in your backpack or tent might not be the most pleasing to the eye. 
Please let us know if you have any additional questions and we will be happy to help you out in any way we can! Thanks!