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Omnicolor Solids - Dyneema® Composite Fabric - Full Rolls


Omnicolor Solids - Dyneema® Composite Fabric - Full Rolls



  • NOTE - All printed DCF full rolls are sold by the standard, unprinted roll size for each variant e.g. 19.7 yds or 39.4 yds. Due to the printing process, please expect a 1-2% shrinkage rate in both the length and width of the final printed roll of material. 


    1) Due to bulk size,  exact shipping costs   will be billed for all roll goods. Once your order is ready, we'll send you a link to pay for shipping. 

    2) Discount codes are  not allowed  for any wholesale purchase. If you use a discount code, the portion applied to any wholesale line item will be added back to the shipping invoice we send you. 

    Give yourself some extra assurance by getting our 8"x8" custom sample. This is how you can easily and affordably take the guess work out of your print. Go to our Custom Design Tool and select the '8x8 Sample' under "Choose Size" with your pattern or color to see exactly how your print will look in person. Read this article for more info on POD samples.

    Dyneema® Composite Fabrics set the standard of performance for ultralight and super-tough gear, but when it comes to colors, you don't have a lot of options. That is until now.

    We're excited to introduce full roll Omnicolor printing for Fabrics with Dyneema® - the first ever print on-demand capability that allows you to source technical Dyneema materials by the roll in virtually ANY color. 

    Historically, custom colors of DCF were reserved for big brands with deep pockets. Unless you had $50K+ and a year to wait, you were out of luck. 

    This product allows you to buy as little as one full roll and get it as soon as next week. 

    Omnicolor full roll printing with Dyneema® is perfect for:

    • Smaller brands that want new colors of Dyneema® Composite without investing big $$$
    • Larger brands doing limited edition runs
    • Anyone that wants to create custom colors of Dyneema® Composite with a low MOQ and quick turnaround time 

    Simply select your Fabric and Color code above. Our team will print your custom color full rolls and ship them to your door in a few days. 

    Interested in volume discounts for orders over 250 yds? Contact us for pricing. 

    IMPORTANT - Before ordering, please review the following notes so there's no confusion:

    Color penetration - These fabrics are digitally printed, which means that the color will not always penetrate through to the backside of the material, especially for thicker fabrics. 

    Shrinkage - The print process involves heat and shrinks the material by 1-2% in both the width and length. Please plan accordingly for your project or product. 

    Color Map - Before buying a full roll, we strongly recommend that you buy a Color Map. Be sure to select the "FULL ROLL ONLY" option in the DCF material that you plan to purchase. Buying a map will allow you to see what all our solid color options look like before spending a larger amount on a printed full roll. Make sure to check out this article for information on the color differences between small pressed panel DCF and full rolls.

    Check out our  Online Interactive Color Map

    Dyneema® is a trademark of Avient. Use of these trademarks requires approval from Avient.

  • We currently offer Omnicolor full roll printing on the following fabrics with Dyneema®:

    Dyneema® Composite Fabric

    0.67 oz DCF  (CT1E.08/C21K.18)

    1.0 oz DCF  (CT2K.18)

    1.43 oz DCF (CT5K.18)

    2.92 oz DCF Hybrid ( CT5K.18/wov.32c)

    The digital print process works best on any "K" variants of DCF containing thicker mylar layers OR hybrid fabrics with a woven polyester face.  

  • We do not currently offer samples of Omnicolor printed fabrics/materials. If you'd like to see what colors will look like, buy a Color Map for the material you plan to print on. For full roll DCF, be sure to select the "FULL ROLL ONLY" option. 

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Colored Dyneema !

It's orange! how neat is that?

We're glad you love it as much as we do! We'd love to see photos of your project, be sure to tag us on instagram!