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Dyneema Composite Fabric Sample Pack


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  • It might be the strongest/lightest material on earth - but it isn't cheap. With the cost of Dyneema Composite Fabrics at $30+ per yard, you simply can't afford to make a wrong decision. 

    That's why we offer the Dyneema Composite Fabric Sample Pack. Before spending a wad on material, pick up this low cost sample pack containing laser cut 3" swatches of ALL our current DCF fabrics. 

    Use the sample pack to...

    • Check out DCF materials for the first time
    • Compare material options for an upcoming DIY project
    • Select materials for your product

    No matter the reason, consider this sample pack cheap insurance against the ultimate disappointment. Know that you're getting it right the first time - buy a DCF sample pack!

    Current DCF variants included with sample pack (*subject to change): 

    Dyneema Composite Fabric - 0.34 oz, 0.51 oz, 0.8 oz, 1.0 oz, 1.43 oz

    Dyneema Composite Fabric Hybrid - 2.92 oz, 5.0 oz

    Note that sample pack contents and colors are subject to change based on current material availability. One color swatch per variant. No substitutions. 

Customer Reviews

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Dyneema Composite Fabric Sample Pack

Dyneema Composit Fabric Sample

These samples were a great help.

SO useful to be able to actually FEEL the different fabrics! - get this.

I can see why they give the sample pack away- it's very smart of them. With the actual fabric in my hand, I "get it". Dyneema is amazing! Being able to gauge its suitability for various MYOG projects is great. But to touch the stuff turned me into a virtual "tire kicker" on the internet, into an informed purchaser. With this in hand, I find myself actually taking the plunge and ordering enough for a super-light tarp/groundcloth!

Hi Eric, You nailed it! I can tell you how amazing Dyneema for days. But seeing it, and feeling it, changes everything. We highly recommend everyone order samples!

Good stuff. Good price.

Hi Elizabeth, Thanks for the review! The Dyneema Samples are the perfect way to try the material first.
5.0 oz Dyneema Composite Fabric Hybrid

Fabric feels great, is easy to work with. Looking forward to seeing if it holds up in the field.

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