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MEMBRANE silpoly

$7.50 /yd

Burnt Orange
Charcoal Gray
Dark Olive
Deep Gray
Foliage Green
Glacier Blue
Lime Green
Moroccan Blue
Purple Haze
Olive Yellow

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    The MEMBRANEsil line was developed with one goal in mind - create the lightest, most waterproof fabrics on the market

    Same silpoly benefits of lower water absorption (i.e. no sagging) and increased UV resistance, but in a waterproof textile that's 15-30% lighter than traditional lightweight coated nylon/polyester fabrics.

    MEMBRANE Silpoly is the ultralight version of our MEMBRANE silpoly line of ultralight coated materials. At a finished weight of just 0.93 oz/yd 2, it is the lightest waterproof polyester textile available. The material features the following:

    • Custom woven, high-thread count 15D polyester
    • Plain-weave construction
    • High-quality sil/PU coating on each side

    MEMBRANE Silpoly is best for situations where you want the lightest possible waterproof fabric outside of Cuben Fiber. Lower water resistance than the PU4000 version, but ~15% lighter. 

    A premium material for all projects requiring an extremely lightweight, waterproof textile. Common applications include tarps, tents, ponchos, gear sacks, pack covers, etc.

    * Note: this fabric is the exact same on each side. If seam sealing, we recommend using a 100% Silicone sealant such as Sil-Net

    Want to quickly compare all our lightweight coated/non-breathable fabrics? Check out the "Fabric Comparison Guides" on our FAQ page. 

  • Product Details
    Colors Black, Burnt Orange, Charcoal Gray, Coyote*, Crimson, Dark Olive*, Glacier Blue*, Foliage*, Foliage Green, Khaki*, Lime Green, Moroccan Blue, Olive Yellow, Purple Haze*, White*
    Width 58-59" usable, selvedge trimmed
    Weight  0.93 oz/yd 2 finished weight 
    Denier 15D
    Finish/Coating Sil/PU coated both sides (impregnated)
    Hydrostatic Head
    (i.e. waterproof rating)
    ~1500 mm (~2000 mm for colors labeled with * above. Higher HH rollout to other colors will continue through Q2-Q4 2017) 7)

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Ideal rain fly fabric

Membrane silpoly is the best. It doesn't stretch and sag when wet. A taut tarp shedds wind better than a saggy one. Bonus, the poly fabric doesn't get soggy and heavy like nylon. A nylon tarp can get soaked with even a light dew. Langiappe, Membrane has the same low stretch as polyester thread; unlike nylon it won't stretch along long hems or seams and pop the stitching.


Again...great service and product (materials). The material performed so well for the sleeping down quilt that I made for camping. Light, strong, soft and very breathable.

Hi Beth, Thanks for the review! The Membrane Silpoly is a great material.
Awesome as always

Great material that is a pleasure to sew. Very light weight, and as always a great experience with the RSBTR team. They are one of the reasons I get all of my material from them.


This is some of the lightest waterproof gabric i have worked with. As always it was delivered quickly and exacrly as promised.

Nice fabric.

I have used this fabric for glued reinforcements on a silpoly tarp I made, and I designed a tent I plan to make from this material. The Foliage (not to be confused with Foliage Green) is an awesome muted grey color, very natural and stealthy without feeling prepper/bushcrafty. It has a decent stretch on the bias but feel plenty strong for my design intentions. Not difficult to sew after a bit of patience and practice.

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