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MEMBRANE silpoly

$7.50 /yd

  $9.50 /yd
Burnt Orange
Charcoal Gray
Dark Olive
Deep Gray
Foliage Green
Glacier Blue
Lime Green
Moroccan Blue
Purple Haze
Olive Yellow

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    The MEMBRANEsil line was developed with one goal in mind - create the lightest, most waterproof fabrics on the market

    Same silpoly benefits of lower water absorption (i.e. no sagging) and increased UV resistance, but in a waterproof textile that's 15-30% lighter than traditional lightweight coated nylon/polyester fabrics.

    MEMBRANE Silpoly is the ultralight version of our MEMBRANE silpoly line of ultralight coated materials. At a finished weight of just 0.93 oz/yd 2, it is the lightest waterproof polyester textile available. The material features the following:

    • Custom woven, high-thread count 15D polyester
    • Plain-weave construction
    • High-quality sil/PU coating on each side

    MEMBRANE Silpoly is best for situations where you want the lightest possible waterproof fabric outside of Cuben Fiber. Lower water resistance than the PU4000 version, but ~15% lighter. 

    A premium material for all projects requiring an extremely lightweight, waterproof textile. Common applications include tarps, tents, ponchos, gear sacks, pack covers, etc.

    * Note: this fabric is the exact same on each side. If seam sealing, we recommend using a 100% Silicone sealant such as Sil-Net

    Want to quickly compare all our lightweight coated/non-breathable fabrics? Check out the "Fabric Comparison Guides" on our FAQ page. 

  • Product Details
    Colors Black, Burnt Orange, Charcoal Gray, Coyote, Crimson, Dark Olive, Glacier Blue, Foliage, Foliage Green, Khaki, Lime Green, Moroccan Blue, Olive Yellow, Purple Haze, White
    Width 58-59" usable, selvedge trimmed
    Weight  0.93 oz/yd 2 finished weight 
    Denier 15D
    Finish/Coating Sil/PU coated both sides (impregnated)
    Hydrostatic Head
    (i.e. waterproof rating)
    ~2000 mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Great Light Weight Fabric!

Using this as the bottom of our sleeping bag cover/personal bivy, version 2.0. A bit tough to sew because it is so light and slippery.

Question to RSBTR, we are planning on using the cover in the Alpine Hut System in Germany and Austria this summer. Many of the huts now require that all bedding be microwave sterilized to help prevent bed bug infestation. Is the Membrane Silpoly safe to microwave?

Thanks RSBTR!

membrane silpoly

Made a pyramid tent, excellent fabric, not that expensive, light weight

Membrane silpoly product

The silpoly Membrane product is a nice material with a soft feel. It would be a good choice for a rain jacket. I purchased it for a lightweight tent, but don't know if it will hold up as well as the Membrane silpoly 4000 material.

Hi Phil. Thanks for the review. For ground contact, I would recommend the 1.1 Silpoly PU4000. For areas that won't contact the ground, the Membrane would be great.
Ideal rain fly fabric

Membrane silpoly is the best. It doesn't stretch and sag when wet. A taut tarp shedds wind better than a saggy one. Bonus, the poly fabric doesn't get soggy and heavy like nylon. A nylon tarp can get soaked with even a light dew. Langiappe, Membrane has the same low stretch as polyester thread; unlike nylon it won't stretch along long hems or seams and pop the stitching.


Again...great service and product (materials). The material performed so well for the sleeping down quilt that I made for camping. Light, strong, soft and very breathable.

Hi Beth, Thanks for the review! The Membrane Silpoly is a great material.
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