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$12.00 /kit
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  • Zipper Pack Pouch (ZPP) Kit. These zippered water-resistant pouches are extremely handy for neatly packing things like toiletries, small clothing items, or really anything that will fit!

    Comes with all the pre-packaged components you'll need to make one finished ZPP with no wasted materials. We've even cut the fabric to size, so you can open the box and start sewing right away. Kit includes:

    ZPP Material (*choose fabric/color above)
    14" x 14" fabric blank, ready to sew

    Components (*prepackaged)
    (18") #3 Uretek YKK coil zipper
    (2) #3 reverse-mount YKK sliders
    (18") 1.8 mm Black Drawcord
    (1') 3/4" mil-spec grosgrain  

  • Product Details
    Estimated Finished Dimensions 10" x 4" x 3"
    Estimated Weights Ounces
    Estimated Finished Weight - 210D Dyneema X 1
    Estimated Finished Weight - 2.2 Hex70 PU3000 0.9
    Estimated Finished Weight - 1.0 DCF B 0.6
  • If you've never built a zippered pouch before, or if you just need a refresher, watch this video first. Many thanks to PapaSmurf at Dream Hammock for putting this DIY video together!

    IMPORTANT - We will be making a follow-up video soon that points out a couple things specific to the ZPP kit, but in the meantime please note the following:

    - Since we're using Uretek coil zipper, teeth should be FACE DOWN when attaching coil to fabric (video uses standard coil and calls for teeth to be face up). This will ensure the water-resistant, coated side of the Uretek zipper ends up on the outside of your ZPP. 

    - 3/4" grosgrain can be used to make small sewn loops at each end of the zipper. These are optional, but do provide a convenient way to clip your ZPP to things.

    Have suggestions or something you'd like to see added to these instructions? Send an email to

Customer Reviews

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Easy, economical project

These pouches are very well priced, an economical way to make a nice looking and durable pouch, and a fun little sewing project to do. I ordered three and made them to hold winter safety kits for in our family's cars (candles, matches, hand warmers, etc.). They are roomy, look classy, and are going to stand up to many winters of use! I also like the updated zipper and pulls.

Follow the notes and the instructional video shown on the product page and you shouldn't have any problems. Make sure you think through the zipper before sewing as it seems this is a common error made.

Always a great experience

Always a great experience.

Awesome first MYOG project!

I made two of these in the Dyneema x Gridstop fabric (black and orange) and they turned out really great! I found the video and instructions very easy to follow. Everyone was impressed with my results and I definitely want to make more!

Hi Amanda! The pride you feel after completing a DIY project is unmatched. Let us know if you need anything. Thanks!
Hours of frustration, also

I too have had hours of frustration with this project and I can sew fairly well. The Zippers are chincy and fall apart fast. I would be surprised if this thing actually held up when using as REAL gear. RBTR needs to put out an instructional video and judging by the comments I'm not the only one who feels this way. Won't be buying this again!!

Hi Aaron. Thanks so much for your feedback and review. It sounds like you encountered some frustration here and we never like to see that. Putting together our own DIY video for the ZPP kit has been on the to-do list for some time now and we just haven't found the time for it. I promise we will push that to the top of the list and get it made ASAP. Someone from our team will be reaching out to you personally regarding your experience. Your satisfaction is everything to us and we would love the opportunity to make things right here. P.S. - As far as the zippers go, we do use YKK Uretek coil and sliders, which are pretty much the gold standard for waterproof zipper in the industry. You should not have to worry about anything there.
Hours of frustration

I just started this bag, watching the video that used to be linked for the instructions. The very first step, the guy tells you to turn the fabric wrong side up, the zipper teeth pointed up, and off he goes sewing a speedy line to attach the fabric to the zipper. As Douglas has said, the video isn't very oriented to a beginner as to how to properly sew a zipper. I had to rip both sides apart the first time because I didn't have the zipper oriented properly. My first try, I had the teeth of the zipper up and to the right. I placed the fabric to the left of the teeth and then sewed them together. The proper way is to have the teeth up, and to the left, place the fabric over the teeth to the edge of the zipper, then sew the fabric just to the right of the teeth.

The second HUGE problem... The included zipper pulls are tiny!!! On top of that, and it actually states in the included kit items, the zipper pulls are "reverse mount", meaning they are meant to be pulled from the inside. If you follow along with the instructional video, your pulls will end up on the inside of the bag. Again, lack of clear instructions, or components to match the video instructions.

So now my zipper pulls are on the inside, I have pretty much destroyed the fabric and zipper from having to rip it out and re-sew it, so this one is going in the trash. I noticed there is no link to the video anymore since the site was updated a couple days ago. That's probably a good thing.

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