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Customer Project: Two ZPPs

by RichieMac

  • After seeing Randy from DreamHammock do an awesome instructional video, I had to try it. Ordered material and the zippers from Ripstopbytheroll.  In hindsight, I could have gotten the kit, didn't know there was one.The toxic green was the first one. It is just 1.9 ripstop, so I made another one and the toxic green has become my bathroom kit, holding my deuce of spades, toilet paper and hand sanitizer. The new one is a heavier ripstop with a second layer of 1.9 inside.  It is much sturdier and holds all of my incidentals (first aid, repair kit, earplugs, spare lighter, notebook etc.)  Also added pull tabs to the second one.  It's not as nice as Randy's (or probably anyone else's), but it works.