Customer Project: Zippered pouch

by Lisa

Made a simple zippered pouch using items from the ZPP kit. 

Customer Project: Zippered pouch
Customer Project: Zippered pouch
Customer Project: Zippered pouch


Materials are from the ZPP kit

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How do I make it?

-Sewed a rolled hem about 1/4" wide on two sides. 
-Attached the uretek zipper to each of the hemmed side using my zipper foot
-folded the bag in half with right sides together and the zipper being at the top and creased the fold on the bottom opposing zipper side by finger pressing. (This gave me my center for my bag)
-Fold bag in half the other way and bring zipper in alignment with the finger pressed crease
- Sew across making sure the zipper is in the middle (sew over the zipper a few times )
- Unzip the zipper halfway and align the zipper on the other end with the folded crease
-Sew the end closed (insert the tab now if you wish making sure the ends are under the right side of the zipper and the fold of the tab is facing inward on the right side of the fabric) 
- mark each corner front and back 1 1/2 " square with chalk (front and backside) 
- open the corners and sew on the chalked lines measuring 1 1/2" from peak of corner
- once all pieces are sewn cut  excess fabric from the corners off
- turn inside out and you are done