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Sil Net Silicone Seam Sealer


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  • Sil Net® is a 100% silicone sealant used for sealing the seams of silicone coated/impregnated fabrics such as Silnylon or Silpoly. Works as both a sealant and adhesive and is unaffected by extreme heat or cold. 

    Commonly used to seal seams on silicone coated gear including tarps, tents, packs, and bags. Can also be used to repair moderate rips and tears. 

    Looking for a sealant compatible with our PU coated fabrics? Check out Seam Grip®.

  • Product Details
    Manufacturer McNett
    Weight 1.5 oz (42.5 g) 

Customer Reviews

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Great product!

Easy to work with, Seals the seams right up, and is very flexible!

Great product

After I seam sealing I sprayed my tent with a garden hose and not a drop came inside. It does flow pretty easily which can be a pain at the same time, I found small dabs on the brush to work the best. Any more and it would drip where I didn't want it to go.

Hi Daniel, Thanks for the review! Great advice for the seam sealer.
Great Service

Great products and service. I buy all my fabric and components here.

End to waterdrops on the inside

I've made my own sealant in the past, but I took the more convenient option and bought a tube of sealant this time. Works very well and neat with the provided brush. Yesterday the weather was perfect for the silicone to dry; 20 degrees Celsius and a light breeze. It only took 2 hours for the silicone to dry sticky free.

Good stuff but some caution needed

I used the 1.1 oz Silpoly PU4000 to make a poncho with hood and sleeves modelled on a cheap but flimsy plastic one I bought in Vietnam.

The poncho seems to work OK but so far I have not needed to use it in torrential rain. (I use it over my normal wet weather gear and pack to keep most of the rain off. Like a tent fly, it doesn't need to be 100% waterproof to work.)

Some things to note about the 1.1 oz Silpoly PU4000:

1. The weight is a bit hopeful. I measured it at 1.8 oz (62 g/m²) not 1.1 Oz (37 g/m²). That is 66% more than advertised. Still, the poncho came out at 7.7 oz (220 g) about half a bought one but 4 times my flimsy Vietnamese one.

2. The website is a bit confusing about which side is which. The duller side should face the rain and the shinier side inwards.

3. It maybe "Ripstop by the Roll", but this fabric, despite having a ripstop pattern, rips easily, especially along the roll direction. Handy for cutting (!) but it meant I could not use snap fasteners which I had originally intended.

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