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Customer Project: Tims Tarp

by Tim T

  • Here is the information for the Tim's Tarp I created. Being a taller person  I wanted a tarp that:

    o Set up quickly and easily especially in bad weather
    o Works in all seasons
    o Is at least 11' long when completely extended on the ridgeline so hammock ends are
    completely covered from the elements when stretched out o I can walk/stand under relatively easily
    o I can stack 2 hammocks (possibly 3) underneath
    o Has pullouts on the sides and ends to create decent side room
    o Can become a lean-to style tarp with considerable room underneath
    o Is versatile to set up in multiple fashions
    o Has versatile end doors
    o Has a collapsable ridgeline organizer that can be left in the tarp when stuffed in the stuff sack
    o Has tie off loops on the inside of the tarp at the ridge line and tie out areas for attaching end doors and any miscellaneous lines to
    o Has matching hammock and tarp double sided stuff sacks

    After doing a lot of research I was unable to find a tarp out there I was looking for especially with the height and versatility I wanted so I decided to make Tim's Tarp. Plus, I just thought it would be a great DIY project!  Special thanks to Justin for all of help with questions, getting me the materials I needed and the idea about creating the tarp with two tones!