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$6.00 /section (25')


$6.00 /section (25')


  • Zing-it®/Lash-It® is high strength, lightweight line made out of Dyneema® fibers. The proprietary Samthane® coating extends the wear life and ensures knot-holding capability.

    Typical applications include tarp/tent guyline, hammock ridgelines, and accessory cord. 

    * Note: Sold in pre-cut 25 foot sections. Enter a qty of "1" for a single 25' section, "2" for two separate 25' pieces, etc.

    Mini and Full Spools of Zing-It/Lash-It also available HERE

  • Product Details
    Color Yellow/Red/Blue - Zing-It®, Gray - Lash-It®
    Material Dyneema fiber
    Width 2.2 mm (yellow only) and 1.75 mm
    Break strength (avg)

    650 lbs - 2.2 mm

    500 lbs - 1.75 mm


    0.8 grams/ft - 2.2 mm

    0.6 grams/ft - 1.75 mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Peter Hemingway
Tough to splice

1.75 is a pain to splice. You have to work a little slower and be a little more careful. However, in the end, it is always worth it.

Thanks for the review! We agree 1.75 can be a bit tough to work with it, but the end result is worth it. We appreciate the review, let us know if we can be of any help in the future.

James H Brown II
Great sale, quick shipment!

Great sale, quick shipment!

Thanks for the review James! Our fulfillment team works hard to get orders out as quickly as possible!

Mel Church

I use Lash-it for all my tarp lines. Light, very strong and easy to splice loops in.

We love tarps and Lash-it! Thanks for the review Mel.

douglas oien
1.6 oz HyperD™ PU4000 Groundcloth

1.6 oz HyperD™ PU4000 appears to be the perfect material for a groundcloth in the wet PNW. I also got some Tyvek to try that I'm "breaking in" by sitting on it but I think the HyperD is going to be the perfect balance for me of weight, toughness, volume, and waterproofness. I can finally stop searching!

Thanks, Douglas! That will be the perfect fabric for a ground cloth, especially in really damp environments like the PNW or East Coast!

Donald LeBlanc
Great for continuous ridge line

Just as advertised. No stretch, and very strong. I love the loop alien. Fast shipping. Would definitely recommend.

Thanks so much for your review Donald! Loop Alien and Zing-it is a dream combination!