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The Essential Checklist: 5 Commonly Forgotten Items for Making Your Own Gear

by Avery Hayden July 05, 2023 3 min read

5 Commonly Forgotten Items for Making Your Own Gear


When embarking on a DIY gear-making project, it's easy to focus on the big picture and forget about the small but important details. That's why it's crucial to keep in mind the 5 things people often forget when checking out. By paying attention to these often-overlooked details, you can ensure a successful and long-lasting outcome for your project.

Gutermann Mara Thread

1. Thread

Thread may seem like a small detail, but it's an essential component of any sewing project. Make sure you have enough thread of the correct weight and color to complete your project. Running out of thread in the middle of a project can be frustrating, and it can be difficult to match the color if you have to go back to the store to purchase more.

It is important to select the appropriate thread based on the weight of the fabric you are working with:

  • Fabrics < 1.0 oz: Gutermann MARA 100
  • Fabrics 1 oz - 3 oz: Gutermann MARA 70 or Gutermann TERA 80
  • Fabrics > 3.0 oz: Gutermann MARA 50
Zipper Coil Sliders

2. Zipper Coil Sliders

Zipper coil sliders are small metal pieces that move along the zipper teeth to open and close the zipper. The coil sliders are not sold with the zipper tape so it's an easy item to forget. Make sure to select the correct size coil slider which corresponds with the size of the zipper tape.  Bonus: Don't forget to check out zipper pulls to elevate your gear!

Seam Sealer Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

3. Seam Sealer

Seam sealer is a waterproofing product that can help to prevent leaks and damage to your gear. It's important to seal seams on any outdoor gear or that will be exposed to rain or moisture. 

It is necessary to select the correct seam sealer for the specific fabric you are creating with.

  • Sil Net® is a 100% silicone sealant used for sealing the seams of silicone coated/impregnated fabrics such as Silnylon or Silpoly. 
  • Seam Grip is a urethane-based seam sealer and repair adhesive for all our PU (polyurethane) coated fabrics.
  • PET Seam Seal Tape is a 1" strip of polyester film with a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) on one side. This tape works with all of our tapeable fabrics (X series X-pac, ECOPAK EPLX, Challenge Ultra, Dyneema Composite Fabric, Venom, etc).
  • UltraTNT™ PSA Tape is constructed with two layers of 0.25 mil polyester film with light grey Ultra™ yarn inserted in the warp and bias. The backing is a pressure-sensitive, high-tack, non-yellowing adhesive. This tape works with all of our tapeable fabrics (X series X-pac, ECOPAK EPLX, Challenge Ultra, Dyneema Composite Fabric, Venom, etc).
  • Dyneema®/Cuben Fiber Repair Tape is a 1" strip of DCF/Cuben Fiber material with adhesive on one side. Used for repairing punctures/tears and seam sealing sections of Dyneema ® Composite Fabric.

4. Grosgrain

Grosgrain is a type of ribbon that is often used to reinforce and stabilize seams on gear and clothing. It's a strong, durable material that can help to prevent fraying and other damage while providing a finished look. It's important to have enough grosgrain on hand to reinforce any seams that may be under stress.

Cutting Fabric

5. Yardage

When you're purchasing fabric for your project, it's important to double-check the yardage needed. It can be easy to underestimate or overestimate the amount of fabric needed, which can lead to waste or a project that is too small or doesn't fit correctly. Take the time to carefully measure and calculate the yardage needed before purchasing your fabric. Also, remember that some of our fabrics are sold by the half-yard and some are sold by the yard. Be sure to check your quantity when you are checking out.


It's important to pay attention to the small details to ensure a successful and long-lasting project. Don't forget about seam sealer, zipper coil sliders, thread, grosgrain, and double checking your yardage for your project. These small components can make a big difference in the durability and functionality of your gear. Happy sewing!


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