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Seam Grip Sealer and Adhesive


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  • Seam Grip® is a general purpose outdoor repair sealant that works on a variety of fabrics and surfaces. Works as both a sealant and adhesive. 

    Use Seam Grip for seam sealing and patching holes on all our PU (polyurethane) coated fabrics.

    Looking for a sealant compatible with silicone or sil/PU mix fabrics? Check out Sil Net®

  • Product Details
    Manufacturer McNett
    Weight 1 oz (28 g) 

Customer Reviews

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Super Easy!

Don’t be afraid of seam sealing! It is really not bad. This product is easy to use and dries quickly. Just make sure to use the brush and work it into the seams and threads really well. Once you’re done, you’ll say “that was it?”

Hi John, Thanks for the review! Seam sealing really is easy!
Great job, messy to use

I used this sealant on seams for dry sacks I made. It is extremely sticky/messy - I newspapered my table and used rubber gloves, also ended up throwing away the brush after. It seals seems well though I found it took closer to 24-36 hours to fully cure, rather than the 12 hours indicated on the package. Also anywhere it touched my fabric it is now stuck, can't exactly "clean it off". You've either gotta be extremely diligent in your application/how you set the item down or not care about aethetics.


I received my order much faster than expectation, thank you!

It looks like great material

I am not sure it's what I am looking for though. Would be great if I could actually talk to someone.

Hi Mike, Thanks for the review. If you need to set up a phone appointment, please reach out to us at sales@ripstopbytheroll.com and we'll get something setup.
Inside or Out?

For some reason my Space Bar & Enter Bar work in all circumstances except on this form when trying to fill out this review.

You might want to check that out.

Suggestion: It might be helpful to me and other customers as well if, on your standard shipping letter that comes with each order, you include an info / product reminder stating which side is inside and which side is outside.

Question: I’m making a pup tent entirely out of 1,1 oz Silpoly PU4000.
On the floor, should I put the shinny side of the fabric against the ground or inside?
On the walls should I put the shinny side of the fabric inside or outside?

Thanks Sid Marks

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