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YKK #5 Two-Way Separating Zipper - 240"


YKK #5 Two-Way Separating Zipper - 240"


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  • YKK #5 two-way separating coil zipper @ 240" length. This is a finished zipper with (2) double-pull sliders pre-attached (one short, one long).

    This zipper comes fully apart and can be unzipped from either end similar to how a ski jacket functions. Designed specifically for use in applications where it is desirable to completely remove one panel of fabric from another (e.g. integrated bugnet hammocks - fully removable bugnet or overcover).

    Could also be used for any application where you need to separate and reconnect two large panels of fabric.

  • Product Details
    Color Black
    Material Polyester, metal coil
    Weight 4.8 oz (136 grams)
    Width 1.25"
    Waterproof NO

Customer Reviews

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Michael McCary

YKK #5 Two-Way Separating Zipper - 240"

Thanks for the great review Michael! We are glad you enjoyed your product. Happy Making :)


Although I made my project, I didn't use the zipper in it. I need to purchase some more ripstop for my next project that I plan to use with the zipper. Very happy with first project.

Thanks Christine! We'd love to see photos of your first project! Be sure to tag us on social media!

2 way zipper

I've purchased 4 of these zippers in total, from Ripstop by the roll. They are high quality and the length is perfect for most of my projects. They are double the price for half the length at a local craft store. Each zipper is used on a daily basis and is still going strong. Worth noting; some of the zipper pulls are different shapes/sizes. It doesn't bother me and it is not noticable without really inspecting the zipper. This will be my go to zipper for all my future projects.

Thanks so much for your review Erin! We're glad to hear that this zipper is your go-to for projects. Let us know if you have any questions about future projects, we're here to help!

Gerald Terlep

YKK #5 Two-Way Separating Zipper - 240"

James Marshall
Pretty much exactly what you would expect.

I bought three of these. I didn’t use the ends that help you start and stop the zipper so I can’t review those. The only peculiarity of the item was each of the three lengths had different zipper pullers which were also different from the zipper pullers I ordered from RSBTR. It didn’t make much of a difference to me, but it is worth noting. My project (tent) has 14 zippers on it with 4 different styles of pullers but it isn’t really noticeable.