YKK #5 Two-Way Separating Zipper - 240" - Ripstop by the Roll

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YKK #5 Two-Way Separating Zipper - 240"


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  • YKK #5 two-way separating coil zipper @ 240" length. This is a finished zipper with (2) double-pull sliders pre-attached (one short, one long).

    This zipper comes fully apart and can be unzipped from either end similar to how a ski jacket functions. Designed specifically for use in applications where it is desirable to completely remove one panel of fabric from another (e.g. integrated bugnet hammocks - fully removable bugnet or overcover).

    Could also be used for any application where you need to separate and reconnect two large panels of fabric.

  • Product Details
    Color Black
    Material Polyester, metal coil
    Weight 4.8 oz (136 grams)
    Width 1.25"
    Waterproof NO

Customer Reviews

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Great product!!!!!

I ordered this zipper so I could make a removable top cover, and bug net for my hammock. The zipper is perfect, I completely encloses my hammock, and it slides nice and easy. I definitely will be using this zipper again, when I make my wife's hammock.

Hey James! Glad the zipper worked perfectly for you. A top cover really adds some warmth and privacy in the colder months. Thanks for the review!
Worked well to attach my bugnet

Bought the zipper to install a removable bugnet on my DIY hammock. Worked very well. A bit heavy duty for the task. Wish it came with crimp on stops to adjust the length though. Would look a bit neater than the sew through stop I made. Over all a great product from a great company!

Does the job.

This zipper is very high quality and fits the bill.

YKK #5 2 Way Separating Zipper Review

Excellent #5 separating zipper for hammocks or bridges. Quality constuction and easy to install. Fast service.

YKK 240" zipper is perfect

As always, the RSBTR folks delivered top quality and quick too. Kyle and staff know how to keep my business...fair prices, top quality materials, fast response to orders and questions. Thanks!

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