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X-Pac® V15

$34.00 /yd

X-Pac® V15

$34.00 /yd



X-Pac V15 is a custom laminate variant from Dimension-Polyant, specifically designed for maximum performance, lighter weight, and seamless integration with our printing process. Crafted to be the same weight as the UL VX07, but twice as resistant to abrasion. This variant leaves out the black X-PLY grid to save weight and prevent premature acute abrasion from the protruding ripstop.

V15 is a laminate fabric comprised of the following layers:

-C6 DWR 150D Polyester face

-0.25 mil PET film 

-50D Poly Taffeta backing for abrasion resistance

Fabric Details
Width 59'' (*57" guaranteed usable)
Weight  4.8 oz/yd 
Denier 150D Face, 50d Backing
Weave Plain, Taffeta Backing
Thread Count TBD
Thickness TBD
Print shrinkage (length) 1-2%
Print shrinkage (width) 1-2%
Finish/Coating c6 DWR face, .25 mil Polyester Film 
Hydrostatic Head (i.e. waterproof rating) > 10,400 mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kristina Hartman
Bike Frame Bags in printed V-15

I am sewing bike frame bags from this material for our tandem. The material is stiffer than some of the other lighter ones I've used from here, but not as heavy as cordura. It's a bit slippery to work with, and it makes a 'pop' noise when the machine needle punctures it, but it handles very well. I got it printed with the 'coloring book' pattern, and the two bags I have finished so far have received compliments from several people. Being a coated material, puncture holes are very permanent, so seam sealing is very necessary. This material has zero stretch, which restricts the bag's ability to expand when stuffed to the hilt. That's good for my application, I don't want it to bulge out the sides when stuffed.
One bag I made is a double-barreled water bottle holder velcro'd to a couple of odd-shaped bags to fit under the stoker's handlebars and the captain's seat. I use two one-liter bottles back there, and with a bit of reinforcing framing and straps everything is very secure and the bottles don't launch even when we're on mountain bike trails going over roots. Overall very pleased with this fabric.

Thanks so much for your review Kristina! The bike bags you've made sound awesome and we'd love to see photos! Here is a link if you'd like to send us any pictures, https://forms.gle/8Lss8cRftZiaM87r9

Andy Long
Printed V-15

I love the X-PAC VX15 but I find the V15 much nicer for more complicated images due to it looking more crisp. Now with the new Design Tool, which is awesome, my own pictures and designs are much more obtainable without hiring a graphic designer to create a file for me. The new “Textures” in the gallery are awesome! I now have both the Carbon Fiber and the Chainring design and I hope more are added as they really make my bags something special. Good work RBTR and Outdoor Ink team! Thank you for doing your best! Andy

Thanks so much for the review Andy! The X-PAC V15 is one of our favorite materials to print on. We're glad that the Design Tool was easy for your to use to create your own custom printed fabric. We'd love to see some of your bags with the custom printing, be sure to tag us on social media or email social@ripstopbytheroll.com

Jeremy Loomis-Norris
Really Cool Product

I had way too much time on my hands in quarantine and wanted snazzy fabric for a pack. OutdoorInk’s uploader wasn’t public yet, so I tried it out in beta, and just wow. The pack company sent me a photo of the fabric on their cutting table recently and I am so stoked to see the final results. Customer service was responsive and accommodating throughout, and the final image was exactly what I was expecting. Thanks for making my unhealthy obsession with gear more interesting.

Thank you so much for the review Jeremy! We're glad you are impressed with the quality of OutdoorINK and that is was just what you were expecting!

josh van jura
Awesome fabric and printing

We have had probably 20 yards of V15 printed at this point every time the printing looked great and this is a great fabric for a hard waring application. Highly recommend.