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Winter12 Tarp Kit

$5.00 /kit

Winter12 Tarp Kit

$5.00 /kit

  • This kit contains all the items required to make a 12' Winter/full coverage backpacking or hammock tarp. 

    Makes the same tarp as the HEX12 kit, but with doors on each end. Doors provide 360 coverage to keep you dry in foul weather. Also increases privacy.

    Take out the guesswork and get exactly what you need.

    Kit includes:

    Tarp Material (*choose above)
    10 yds

    Components (*prepackaged)
    (14) 1/2" Beastee D-rings 
    (2) cordlocks 
    Laser cut HyperD 300 reinforcement panels (all tie-outs plus ridgeline and panel pulls) 
    (5') drawcord
    (6') 1/2" grossgrain - Black 

    We've prepackaged the components you'll need, so all you do is select your tarp fabric above. Choose from all our in-stock lightweight coated/non-breathable materials/colors, including silpoly and silnylon. 

    * Note - On cart page, kit and fabric will be shown separately, but total price will remain the same. This is done to manage fabric inventory. We cannot sell components or any portion of the kit separately. You may purchase more than one kit, but multiple kits must be added to cart individually. 

  • Product Details
    Estimated Finished Weight (1.1 oz fabric) 20-22 ounces
    Estimated Finished Dimensions 144" x 116"
  • Update 12/5/17 - Please note that we have switched to providing  pre-cut reinforcement panels for all tie-outs, ridgeline, and panel pulls at no extra charge. This saves you the hassle of cutting them out :). Instructions will be updated soon to reflect this change, but just an FYI.

    NEW - illustrated PDF instructions for WINTER12 tarp kit (revA, updated 8/2/15) -  CLICK HERE                         

    Archived versions
    Original - 7/23/15

    Cat-cut curve generator  - Developed by DIY enthusiast Xtrekker. Enter distance between tie-out points and max cat-cut depth. Mark the points, connect the dots, and cut your curve.

    Have suggestions or something you'd like to see added to these instructions? Send an email to suggestions@ripstopbytheroll.com




Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Kit options are nice!

I enjoyed being able to make just the tarp I wanted, at a price I could afford to pay-- saved about half the cost of buying. My finished PU4000 tarp, including Hennessy Snakeskins, Zing-it ridge lines, and Dutchware Stingerz, weighs 26.6oz.

I appreciated the available how-to video; a good supplement to the pdf instructions. I would suggest editing that pdf to include the updated circle-segment reinforcements, as I wasn't quite sure what to do with them and had to search it out. This is not a difficult project, and I love my new tarp!

Hi JennTwinkie, We're in the process of rewriting the PDF to make note of the new reinforcements! Thanks for the review!

Dustin C.
Winter12 Tarp Kit

Perfect Kit, thanks Ripstop by The Roll.

Keith D.
Complete Package

I received my winter tarp kit within days of placing my order. Everything needed to make the tarp according to the excellent directions on the website. I had plenty of material left over to make a nice pack cover. Thanks!

Gary P.
Good service

Fast, accurate service. A pleasure to use.

Fred Anderson
Great kit

Everything you need to make the tarp. Good quality parts as well. Would have been nice if it included a few more Dee rings to allow for side pulls but it had everything it needed.