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UltraTNT™ PSA Tape - Full Spool


UltraTNT™ PSA Tape - Full Spool


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  • NOTEThis is a full spool of Ultra TNT Seam Seal Tape (53 yds). Are you looking for smaller amounts? Click HERE for sales by the yard.

    UltraTNT™ PSA Tape is a waterproof seam repair tape with Ultra™ fiber. Constructed with two laters of 0.25 mil polyester film with light grey Ultra™ yarn inserted in the warp and bias. The backing is a pressure sensitive, high-tack, non-yellowing adhesive.

    Designed to be applied to the film side of fabrics to reinforce and waterproof seams. The tape is very stretch-resistant along the length of the roll, where there are straight parallel Ultra™ yarns inserted to control stretch. The Ultra CrossPly™ yarn helps control bias stretch and adds to the tear-resistance of the tape.

    Compared to stitching alone, using a quality seam sealing tape makes your finished product   stronger  (i.e. it lasts longer) and also more   waterproof.

    For some laminated fabrics, it's a   must-have  to prevent issues like stitch elongation.


    - 2 layers of .25 mil Polyester film

    - Light grey Ultra™ yarn inserted in the warp and bias

    - Pressure Sensitive adhesive backing

    Note  - This seam seal tape will work with all of our tapeable fabrics ( X series X-pac,   ECOPAK EPLX,   Challenge Ultra,   Dyneema Composite Fabric,   Venom, etc).

  • Product Details
    Color Clear/transparent
    Film Thickness 0.25 mil
    Width 1.25"
    Weight  ~1.9 grams/foot
    Finish/Coating N/A
  • 1. Work in a room temperature of at least 70ºF.

    2. Fabric should be clean and dry; if not, clean fabric surface with rubbing alcohol.

    3. Peel back release paper and apply tape evenly over seam, a few inches at a time.

    4. Go back over the tape, applying even pressure with rubber seam roller (or by hand).

    5. Let the tape cure for 24 hours before use

Customer Reviews

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PSA tape

Easy to use. Sticks well to the Challger line of fabric as well as, vx, dyneema. I used to order small lots but went with the full roll to avoid downtime. Great product.

Thanks for the review. This ULTRA TNT PSA Tape is a wonderful project great for taping seams. Ordering full rolls is definitely the way to go! Thanks again :)