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Omnicolor Solids - Fabric

$21.00 /yd

Omnicolor Solids - Fabric

$21.00 /yd


  • NOTE - All Omnicolor Solids fabric is digitally printed, which means that the color won't show through to the back side for thicker fabrics. Before ordering, be sure to check out our article on ink penetration for different fabrics/materials HERE.

    To use this product, you must first own an OutdoorINK Color Map. Buy yourself a map, find the color(s) you want, then select the corresponding color codes above. 

    Check out our  Online Interactive Color Map .

    Ever found the perfect fabric, only to realize your color is out of stock or worse yet, non-existent? Now you're emailing to find out when more is coming OR settling for a color you don't even want.

    We know the feeling. That's why we've created Omnicolor - 1000+ custom fabric colors printed on-demand at the click of a button.

    Simply select your fabric, color code, and number of yards above. We'll get to work digitally printing your fabric at warp speed using our proprietary, in-house OutdoorINK print process.

    What's more, with an OutdoorINK Color Map in hand, you have the power of knowing exactly what each color will look like before you order and fabric.

    What could you do with all those colors? Here are a few ideas:

    • Find best-match colors to an existing physical sample or product
    • Stand out from the crowd with a unique color selection
    • Create matched projects or products in a single fabric OR between multiple fabrics

    Whether you're a DIYer or small business making finished products, it's time to change the color game once and for all. We invite you to break free and join us in the Omnicolor revolution today!

    *Please note that your monitor and monitor settings can drastically affect how colors appear on screen. In order to get the most accurate color possible, you should order an OutdoorINK Color Map.  

  • Need help selecting a fabric for your application?

    Check out the specs and suggested uses for all our current Omnicolor print fabrics/materials HERE.

  • The best way to sample Omnicolor fabrics is by purchasing an OutdoorINK Color Map for the fabric(s) you're intending to buy.

    This map is an actual linear yard of fabric with 1260 printed swatches solid color swatches. Buying each map allows you to see exactly what each color will look like when printed on a given fabric.