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LoopAlien Al RCA


LoopAlien Al RCA


  • The LoopAlien ® is hardware for rapid cord attachment without knots. Rig up faster and avoid complicated, messy knots altogether. 

    This is the Aluminum version of the original LoopAlien RCA. The Titanium version can be found HERE

    Use it on tents, tarps, canopies, backpacks, and more. Designed and manufactured in the USA.

    Made in USA 

  • Product Details
    Color Burnt Orange, Fiery Red, Jet Black, Moroccan Blue, Monster Green, Silver
    Material Aluminum
    Dimensions 1.3 x 0.8 x 0.125 inches
    Weight 2.5 grams
    Units/pack 1

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Paul R
great tarp hardware

Put these on my tarp for some Minnesota winter hammocking. Very easy and fast to put my tarp up with the aliens . Got three inches of snow overnight and my ridgeline was still taught in morning. The aliens did not slip at all.
Just purchased another set for my other tarp.

Theron H.
Loop alien

A great slightly less expensive hardware option for suspension. Very light, functional, and with round edges, no fear of accidentally cutting your tarp when it is all packed together into a stuff sack.
Brought to you by RSBTR. A great vendor to do business with!

Cassandra Hui
Super easy once you know how to use it

I must admit, I watched a video on how to use the LoopAlien about 10 times before I really understood it. It's probably just a me thing, as I was a little slow on the concept. It's actually super easy and super lightweight. It's definitely going to have a permanent place in my gear bag.

Walter H.
Perfect tool for the job

Works great with lash-it. Tried to do tarp guy lines without it, but lash it doesn't untie very well once you weight the knot. This is a much better system.

Dawn Callahan
Easy on your cord and cool, too!

The Loop Alien is a versatile piece of hardware that allows a quick set up, tight pitch to a tarp, but does not bite into cord and is easy to loosen. They can be used on tarp tie outs, too, or anywhere that cord needs to be held tightly, but loosened quickly.