Hex12 Tarp Kit


Hex12 Tarp Kit

Hex12 Tarp Kit

Ripstop by the Roll

$5.00 /kit

This kit contains all the items required to make a 12' Hex shaped backpacking or hammock tarp. Take out the guesswork and get exactly what you need. Kit includes:

Tarp Material (*choose above)
8 yds

Components (*prepackaged)
(14) 3/4" Beastee D-rings
(2) cordlocks 
(36" x 20") HyperD 300 reinforcement - Black
(5') drawcord
(6') 3/4" grossgrain - Black 

We've prepackaged the components you'll need, so all you do is select your tarp fabric above. Choose from all our in-stock lightweight coated/non-breathable materials/colors, including silpoly and silnylon. 

*Note - On cart page, kit and fabric will be shown separately, but total price will remain the same. This is done to manage fabric inventory. Please note that all kits are sold as a unit. We cannot sell components or any portion of the kit separately.You may purchase more than one kit, but multiple kits must be added to cart individually. 


NEW - illustrated PDF instructions for HEX12 tarp kit (revA, updated 7/30/15) -  CLICK HERE

Archived versions
Original - 7/23/15

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Design Resources  

Cat-cut curve generator - Developed by DIY enthusiast Xtrekker. Enter distance between tie-out points and max cat-cut depth. Mark the points, connect the dots, and cut your curve.  

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