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9.3 oz Dyneema Stretch Mesh Nylon 6.6 - Full Roll



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    NOTE - This is a full roll of 9.3 oz Dyneema® Stretch Mesh (20 yds). Looking for smaller amounts? Click HERE for sales by the yard. 

    4-way stretch woven ripstop that combines an ultra  High-Tenacity Nylon 6.6 base weave with Dyneema® grid reinforcement.

    This is a high-end, technical stretch fabric built for applications that require maximum abrasion and cut resistance. 

    Typical uses include backpack pockets, clothing (jackets/pants/etc) pockets, gear bags, etc.

  • Product Details
    Colors Black/Black, Black/White
    Yarn Content 72% Nylon 6.6, 17% Dyneema, 11% Lycra
    Width ~45'' 
    Weight  9.3 oz/yd 2
    Finish/Coating DWR, 4-Way Stretch

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
nice material

very robust and flexible, you need really good sheers to cut it :)

Hi Patrick, it cuts well with a sharp hobby/utility knife, and a cutting mat as well. Thanks for the review!
9.3 oz Stretch w/ dyneema

Outstanding fabric. Heavy thick material great for outer layers and backpacks. Has a great stiff 4 way stretch. Very durable fabric. I would purchase a lot of this fabric if it was offered in more colors. This was the exact fabric I was looking for to make a durable pant and jacket for western hunting but not with the only colors being black.

Tough stuff

This is some tough material and super stretchy.

Hi Jordan, The 9.3 Stretch Dyneema is perfect for a variety of projects, Thanks for the review!
Unbelievably tough material!

I have used this for pockets on packs and a front pouch on a fanny pack and I could not be happier. It is pricey, but by day the toughest stretch material I have ever worked with.

HI Luke, The stretch Dyneema is an amazing material.