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1" Venom UHMWPE Hybrid Webbing

$15.00 /section (25')

254 sections in stock

  • At a weight of 6.3 grams/foot, 1" Venom UHMWPE Hybrid Webbing is a full 30% lighter than our standard 1" polyester webbing for the same strength.

    Unlike our Venom UL Webbing, this variant uses a weave of both polypro and super strong UHMWPE fiber to increase friction and work with popular metal buckles (e.g. cinch buckles). 

    Coupled with a tight weave and solution dyed all-black yarn, you get maximum durability and jet black color that won't rub off or fade quickly with UV exposure. 

    Venom™ Hybrid UHMWPE webbing has been tested and approved for use as sewn tree straps in hammock suspensions using cinch buckles and/or various knots like the marlinspike hitch and beckett hitch. It works equally well as a tree hugger.

    * Note  - All sections of Venom™ Hybrid UHMWPE webbing are sold in pre-cut 25 ft section and not continuous. For example, buying a qty of "2" 25 ft sections will result in two separate 25 ft sections.

    IMPORTANT  - If you're ordering multiple sections and need a single continuous piece, please  put a note on your order  and we'll cut it continuous (* 100 ft max continuous cut ). 

  • Product Details
    Color Black
    Material/Yarn Venom™ UHMWPE with polypropylene
    Width 1"
    Thickness  1.4 mm
    Tensile/Break strength > 1500 lb
    Weight 6.3 grams/ft 



Customer Reviews

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Lovin It

Works great for Beckett hitch, and it's nice and light.

Hi Dennis, Enjoy the Venom webbing! Thanks for the review.
Venom hybrid webbing

Great stuff! I like the tighter weave..and it's lighter. Win.. Win

Hi Scott, The Venom webbing truly is an upgrade. Thanks for the review