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1" Venom™ UHMWPE Hybrid Webbing

$16.50 /section (25')

1" Venom™ UHMWPE Hybrid Webbing

$16.50 /section (25')

279 sections in stock

  • At a weight of 6.3 grams/foot, 1" Venom UHMWPE Hybrid Webbing is a full 30% lighter than our standard 1" polyester webbing for the same strength.

    Unlike our Venom UL Webbing, this variant uses a weave of both polypro and super strong UHMWPE fiber to increase friction and work with popular metal buckles (e.g. cinch buckles).

    Coupled with a tight weave and solution dyed all-black yarn, you get maximum durability and jet black color that won't rub off or fade quickly with UV exposure.

    Venom™ Hybrid UHMWPE webbing has been tested and approved for use as sewn tree straps in hammock suspensions using cinch buckles and/or various knots like the marlinspike hitch and beckett hitch. It works equally well as a tree hugger.

    Note - All sections of Venom™ Hybrid UHMWPE webbing are sold in pre-cut 25 ft section and not continuous. For example, buying a qty of "2" 25 ft sections will result in two separate 25 ft sections.

    IMPORTANT - If you're ordering multiple sections and need a single continuous piece, please put a note on your order and we'll cut it continuous (* 100 ft max continuous cut).

  • Product Details
    Color Black
    Material/Yarn Venom™ UHMWPE with polypropylene
    Width 1"
    Thickness 1.4 mm
    Tensile/Break strength 1500 lb
    Weight 6.3 grams/ft

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Ren Bugembe-Kuwahara
1” Venom UHMWPE Hybrid Webbing

Very strong lightweight and flexible webbing. Will buy again.

Thanks, Ren! We're to hear you love the webbing. It's also one of our favorites. Enjoy!

BH Park

Fast delivery and excellent product

Thank you! Happy Making!

Devon Gifford
Love it - just wish it came in 3/4"

This stuff is a great blend of high-cost, slippery UHMWPE with low-cost, grippier polypro. Polypro on its own isn't very strong but it is very light, so blending this with UHMWPE keeps the weight to a minimum while adding strength. This stuff is very similar to Dutchware's Spider/Poly webbing but Venom hybrid is 1/2 mm thicker and less slippery. love the solid black color! Only complaint: I don't use 1" webbing for much of my gear. 3/4" is my go-to width for my ultralight gear so the only use for this is tree huggers or other straps. Would *LOVE* to see this with the same specs but in 3/4" width.

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave us a review Devon! We will definitely add 3/4' version to the list, we know a lot of people have been asking for it. Let us know if you have any questions about future projects, we're always here to help.

Mike Brooks

I feel like this is some of the best webbing on the market. It's incredibly strong and it slips less than any webbing I've ever used. If you're sick of slick webbing sliding through buckles and adjusters this is the stuff you need to start using.

Thanks so much for the review Mike! The Venom Webbing is truly next level, we're glad it's working well for your projects. Be sure to tag us on social media, we'd love to see your creations.

Nik Moiseev
RipstopByTheRoll is excellent company

quick respond, quick shipping and nice materials. Thank you!!!

Thanks Nik! We're glad that we could be speedy. Let us know if you have any questions about future projects, we're here to help!