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1" Cinch Buckle

$6.95 /pair

1" Cinch Buckle

$6.95 /pair

  • 1" steel cinch buckle. Provides quick and easy method of joining webbing to cordage, additional webbing, slings, etc.

    Commonly used as suspension hardware.

    Sold in pairs of 2. For example, enter a quantity of "1" to receive 2 cinch buckles.

  • Product Details
    Colors Silver, Black
    Material Steel 
    Dimensions 1"
    Weight 28 grams/buckle
    Units/pack 2

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Dave Brock

1" Cinch Buckle

Thanks for the review Dave! Let us know if we can help with anything in the future.

Woodrow Davis
Great product.

Quality item, good price. Fast shipping

Thank you for the review. We're glad you're happy with the product and the fast shipping.

edward wilson
Would love a modification

The buckle works great for adjusting my tree straps to hang my hammock. But I, and most people support the hammock on rope lines which need to attach to the buckle. The line should pull against the center of the buckle to keep it in line with the strap. To do that, I am putting multiple wraps around the hammock side of the buckle and arranging the line to exit the center of the buckle. But it would sure be nice to have a buckle specifically designed for the purpose. It would have a rounded v shaped to the hammock end so that the rope would be self centered with just a knot of whatever type desired.

Thanks for the review and the feedback Edward! It's a great idea. We'll see what we can do

Dontgo Splat
Cost effective and easy to use!

Super simple in the woods and attaching to hammocks. See my video review @tacohikes on instagram and tiktok

Thanks for your review Mark! The cinch buckles are SO easy to use and set up. We love seeing your gear on social media , keep up the great work!

Ryan Clark

1" Cinch Buckle

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review Ryan!