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0.7 oz MONOLITE™ Ripstop Nylon Mesh

$9.50 /yd

0.7 oz MONOLITE™ Ripstop Nylon Mesh

$9.50 /yd

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    We had all but given up on sub 1.0 oz woven fabrics. Then along came MONOLITE .

    Ultralight woven fabrics are great for quilts and garments. But durability can take a nosedive for stressing applications like hammocks and bags.

    MONOLITE was developed to combat this problem. Constructed with a unique monofilament yarn and mesh weave, this fabric has the best durability we've EVER seen for the weight - and by a wide margin.  

    Compared to our original 1.0 oz MONOLITE, this super ultralight version is:

    • More breathable via an optimally reduced thread count
    • Higher tear strength with a custom woven, triple (3x) ripstop grid
    • Less abrasion resistance with increased thread slippage (i.e. it's lighter, and slightly less durable) 

    Used as a woven fabric, it's strong plus much more resistant to snagging and abrasion than standard fabrics of similar weight.  

    As a mesh, it blows away traditional options like our 0.9 oz Noseeum. It's stronger, way more durable, and insanely breathable with a CFM over 1400 (full data sheet here). 

    Whether used as a fabric or mesh, it's stiffer with more structure than your typical ultralight fabric. This makes it a lot easier to sew.

    Typical applications for MONOLITE include super ultralight hammocks*, bugnetting, tent screens, stuff sacks, lightweight bags, or garment lining material.   

    *Please exercise extreme caution if using this material in any load bearing application like a hammock. For Increased durability and lifespan, consider using our 1.0 oz MONOLITE or 1.5 oz MONOLITE variants instead.  

  • Product Details 
    Width ~63'' 
    Weight  ~0.7 oz/yd 2
    Denier 20D 
    Finish/coating Breathable with C6 DWR

    NO. For more in-depth product info check HERE to see our full product data sheet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kato Amicone

I'm literally in the Kissimmee preserve listening to punk mosquitos scream outside cuz they can't get none of this. It does breathe fantastic, much better than regular bug net. Delicate for ripstop, but no holes yet after 3 weeks of nightly use. A little tricky to sew. Makes like zero weight or bulk difference, like it doesn't exist when you pack it up.

We love reading fabric-tested reviews! We are so glad that the fabric kept out the bugs but also was breathable for you. Thanks for your review Kato!

Walhalla Hammocks and Outdoors
Amazing product

I use this on a majority of the Hammocks that I make instead of the noseeum mash it is way more durable then noseeum and it comes in better colors and in my opinion at breathes better

Thanks for leaving us a review! We always enjoy seeing your creations on social media!

Fred Austin
Momolite 0.7 oz/yd2

Bought this material with the idea of making an ultralight inner double wall tent.
I was informed this material would allow moisture to drip through.
I formed a bag from this material and filled with water, and yes it does leak when you rub the material with your hand, but with an extra coating of DWR water drops may bead up and run off.

My feeling at this point: (A) This material is certainly significantly more water-resistant than open mesh mosquito netting often used on inner tents; (B) It is very breathable; (C) It is strong for its weight; and (D) It is lighter than most materials used for inner tents.

The main purpose of a double wall tent is to try to maintain a temperature above the dew point inside the inner tent.

We will see if this idea has merit.

Fred Austin

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave us a review Fred! It sounds like you did your research on this fabric and your tent project sounds rad! We would love to see photos of your UL double-walled tent. Here is a link to share any pictures if you'd like! https://forms.gle/Pjk8pYvEGKu4JGNL6

John R
Great tent screen

I used this to replace a tent screen door the dog had ripped. Her nails are less likely to snag on this mesh. I “cut” it with an old soldering iron which kept it from fraying while I sewed.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review John! We're glad you were able to replace your tent screen door with this 0.7 MONOLITE Mesh, great choice! Repaired is always better than replaced!