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1.5 oz MONOLITE™ Ripstop Nylon Mesh

$8.08 /yd

  $9.50 /yd

1.5 oz MONOLITE™ Ripstop Nylon Mesh

$8.08 /yd

  $9.50 /yd

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    Ultralight woven fabrics are great for quilts and garments. But durability can take a nosedive for stressing applications like hammocks and bags.

    MONOLITE™ was developed to combat this problem. Constructed with a unique monofilament yarn and mesh weave, this fabric is one of the most durable we've EVER seen for the weight.

    Compared to our original   1.0 oz MONOLITE, this heavier version is:

    • Much stronger with higher tear/tensile strength  using a 30D yarn and a custom woven, double (2x) ripstop grid
    • More durable with increased abrasion resistance and less thread slippage (i.e. it's less prone to forming thin spots or holes)
    • Slightly less breathable  since it's thicker/heavier

    Used as a woven fabric, it's strong plus much more resistant to snagging and abrasion than fabrics of similar weight.

    As a mesh, it blows away traditional options like our 0.9 oz Noseeum. It's stronger, way more durable, and still quite breathable with a CFM over 850 (full data sheet here). 

    Whether used as a fabric or mesh, it's stiffer with more structure than your typical fabric in this weight range. This makes it a lot  easier to sew.

    Typical applications for MONOLITE include lightweight hammocks*, bugnetting, tent screens, stuff sacks, lightweight bags, or garment lining material.   

    *When used as a hammock, we recommend a comfort rating of 300 lbs. 

  • Product Details 
    Width ~63'' 
    Weight  1.5 oz/yd 2
    Denier 30D 
    Finish/coating Breathable with C6 DWR

    No. For more in-depth product info check HERE to see our full product data sheet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Trent Hughes

Love Love Love this fabric! So versatile and surprisingly durable

Paul Calewarts
Great hammock material!

I tried a hammock made with the Monolite 1.0, and although I loved the concept, the material was too lightweight for my 200lb weight. Then I discovered that Monolite comes in a 1.5 and that made all the difference in the world. It’s still super lightweight and not as stretchy as the 1.0 making it perfect for ultralight hammocks.

Hey Paul! 1.5 Monolite is a great hammock fabric! Super breathable and lightweight while still being durable enough to hold a lot of weight. We appreciate the review!

Liz from Tucson
1.5 oz MONOLITE™ Ripstop Nylon Mesh

I purchased the Monolite Ripstop mesh to use as a backing to patch horse fly masks and sheets. I cut a patch and double it and spray with a temp adhesive and apply to the back of the mask covering the torn areas. I then zigzag back and forth over the torn area. The mesh holds great and seems strong. It is breathable, so just becomes part of the fly mask. Time will tell how it holds when the horses decide to play tug of war again with their masks! The shipping was fast. Will order again from this site.

Thanks so much for leaving us a review Liz! I can positively say that is a first for us hearing about DIY Horse Fly Masks, it sounds like a really awesome project. We'd love to see photos, be sure to tag us on social media and let us know how it's working over time!

William BENSON
diy gear material supply

RBTR is the best source for material for constructing your own gear. When you're ready for gear that is beyond what you can buy off the shelf (not knockin it, there's some great stuff out there, but still...) RBTR has the material that is latest and greatest technical materials you need. Best selection of materials, best prices, best service. Simply put- when you're ready to step up and construct your own technical gear, RBTR is where you need to go to get your supplies.

Wow! Thank you for such an awesome review, it truly makes our day! Happy Making William!

Walhalla Hammocks and Outdoors
I Love monolite

The 1.5 Monolite is awesome it has a lot less Stretch then 1.0 witch makes it a lot better for people over 200lbs, it warms up instantly when using an Under quilt un like other Materials that take a few seconds to adjust. It also is cool and warmer weather due to the breathability of it I highly recommend having a monolite hammock in your line up of hammocks.

Thanks for leaving us a review Jason! We love to hear your first hand experience and comparison between the 1.0 and 1.5 MONOLITE. Happy Hanging!