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0.67 oz Noseeum Mesh - Black

$4.75 /yd

0.67 oz Noseeum Mesh - Black

$4.75 /yd

2061 yards in stock

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    Noseeum is a lightweight yet durable micro-mesh netting used to provide superior insect protection in the outdoors. Constructed with a tight weave and irregular pattern, Noseeum shields you from even the smallest of pests. 

    At a finished weight of 0.67 oz/yd 2, this version is over 25% lighter than our standard 0.9 oz/yd 2 variety. Great for us in bugnets, tents, and lightweight gear sacks.

  • Product Details
    Colors Black
    Panton ref # N/A
    Width 54''  (137.1 cm)
    Weight  0.67 oz/yd 2.  (19 grams)
    Denier 15D
    Finish/Coating None

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

The mesh is great, it actually does keep the littlest of insects outside

Thanks for the review! We're glad to hear that the mesh is working well and keeping all the insects out!

Deborah Abrams

0.67 oz Noseeum Mesh - Black

Thanks for leaving us a review Deborah! Enjoy making with the Noseeum mesh!

Awesome product.

I made a zip on/off bug net for my gathered end hammock and it worked perfect!!

Thanks for the review Jeff! We'd love to see photos of your zippered bug net! Here is a link if you'd like to share any https://forms.gle/qdCFTrzBX25ERP9k9

Jiro Yamanaka
Easy to handle

I am using it for an integrated bugnet hammocks.
I felt it was difficult for me to handle because 0.5 has a large expansion and contraction.
0.67 is extra heavy, but it has less catching and is rigid, so you can finish it with beautiful stitches when sewing to hem rolls and fasteners!
When making hammock sleeves, etc., you have to sew long stitches, but with 0.67 you can make something that works well.
I'll be ordering this repeatedly until a lighter, more manageable mesh is available!

Michael Bergantzel
Nice - not as soft as the .5OSY

I bought this because the price was right for making a shelter I wasn't sure I'd like. It cuts and sews pretty easily. Some rules I've learned - 1) when sewing a zipper into a panel (like the panel of my net tent), cut the fabric a little long (I lost about 1.5" over a 6.5ft section), then trim to the correct length if necessary after you are done with the zipper. I've also read that running some scotch tape along the seam area will help prevent bunching as it is pulled/pushed by the feed dogs and foot. I'm sure a walking foot would help too. If you are sewing it to silnylon, and it is on top when you sew it (i.e. sil is being pulled by feed dogs), it will have a tendency to stretch a little.

It doesn't feel as nice/soft in the hand as the .5 OSY noseeum ("nanoseeum"), but I think the product is well priced, and will do the job for a near neglible weight gain. I've read it is not as durable as the lighter stuff also, but I don't have any experience with that, and I tend to treat my light weight stuff with care.

Built into a 7.7oz. "tent" with membrane silpoly pu4000 floor (a little "too" light), 74L" x 24"W x 40"/20"H to match my membrane silpoly pu4000 flat tarp.