NEW Order change and combination policy 

Once you place an order with us, we move FAST to get it filled and out the door to you. With that being said, in an effort to maintain a streamlined and efficient order fulfillment process, we do not allow ANY changes or additions to orders once they are placed through the site. In addition, we cannot combine multiple orders into one and refund shipping. The ONLY exception to this policy is a change of shipping address. 

We understand that things happen and in the event you need to make a change or addition, we are happy to work with you to cancel your order so that you may place a new, corrected order through the site.

Provided your order has not been cut, we can cancel any order free of charge. Please note that if your order has been cut, we can still cancel, but any cut items removed from the order will be subject to our standard 15% restocking fee.

Please review and double-check your order BEFORE placing to ensure accuracy and that you have included everything you need. If you need to cancel or change an address on your order, please contact us via CHAT or the CONTACT US page ASAP after order placement.   

What shipping methods do you offer and what are the rates? 

For all domestic orders we offer USPS first-class (under 16 oz), priority mail, and parcel select (now known as retail ground) shipping. Rates are based on the weight/volume of the order and calculated in real-time from USPS during checkout.

For international orders we offer USPS first-class (under 4 lbs) and priority mail. Rates are based on the weight/volume of the order and calculated in real-time from USPS during checkout.

For most domestic orders, we offer FREE shipping on orders over $75. See below for details:

- Package will ship via USPS First-Class, Priority, or Retail Ground based on size/weight/destination

- Applies to domestic orders only (lower 48 states, excluding AK and HI)

- Not applicable to fabric shipped on the roll, Climashield/Primaloft insulation, and 3D mesh due to bulk

- Discounted shipping rate will be applied at checkout

Do you offer local pick-up of orders? 

Unfortunately we cannot offer local pick-up. In order to maintain quick and efficient fulfillment, all orders must be shipped. Thanks in advance for your understanding!

Do you offer overnight shipping?

To maintain a streamlined and efficient order fulfillment process, we do not offer overnight or expedited shipping. The only exception to this policy is if you have a UPS account number that we can bill for the shipment.

If you have a UPS account and would like us to ship overnight, please put your account # in the notes section of your order along with the desired service (e.g. UPS Next-Day Air). We will bill your account and refund the original shipping charge.

Do you ship internationally? 

YES! We offer international shipping to many countries straight through the site, but if you don't see your country and would like us to add it, please send us a message through the Contact us page for consideration. 

NEW I want to make a hammock. What are the weight ratings on your materials? 

See below for a chart on the suggested weight limits when using our materials to make either a single layer or double layer hammock. For a downloadable link, CLICK HERE.

Hammock weight limit chart

IMPORTANT - This chart is to be used as a rough guide only. The stated weight ratings reflect our personal testing as well as experience/feedback gathered over time. Many factors contribute to the ultimate load rating of a hammock setup, including but not limited to construction techniques, type of hammock, wear and tear (e.g. abrasion), and suspension methods. 

It is the end user's responsibility to assess the suitability of a particular fabric/material for their application at all times. Inspect your hammock setup for wear and possible failure points before each hang and do not hang higher than you are willing to fall.

As with any product purchase from Ripstop by the Roll LLC, the customer acknowledges the potential risks involved with their use and further agrees to hold harmless, indemnify, protect and defend Ripstop by the Roll LLC against any incident or action involving the products purchased.

NEW How wide are your fabrics? 

The width of every fabric we carry is listed on the product page under "Product Details". See below for an example: 
Fabric width illustration

How do you cut and ship your fabrics/materials?

By default, all fabrics/materials are cut and folded similar to how you would fold a blanket. We do leave one edge free to make it easy to piece out smaller cuts from larger cuts (i.e. take 4 yds at a time off a 20 yd cut of fabric). Shown below is an example 7 yd cut of 1.9 oz ripstop nylon:
RBTR cut and fold example

Alternatively, you can elect to have your fabric added to and shipped on a roll for a small charge plus shipping. This option can be selected from any product page. Please see FAQ on "Can I have fabric sent on a roll rather than cut and folded?" for full details.

NEW Continuous cut policy - Will I get a continuous piece of fabric?

Please see below for our continuous cut policy. Note this policy applies to each separate product on the order:

Fabrics - < 20 yds guaranteed continuous

Insulation - < 10 yds guaranteed continuous

Zipper - < 25 ft guaranteed continuous

We always attempt to give a continuous-cut if possible, but splices are present in various materials due to the manufacturing process. Unless otherwise notified, all orders will be cut per the above policy.

IMPORTANT: If you are ordering larger amounts and have specific cut requirements, we can make cuts that work for you, but you MUST list these reqts in the notes section of the order. These notes can be added on the cart page.

Example: Say you're making 4 tarps out of 1.1 oz Silpoly. You're going to need 40 yds total in materials, but you plan on cutting the 40 yds into 4 x 10 yd cuts. To ensure that you don't get an unworkable splice, you would need to put "4 x 10 yds 1.1 oz Silpoly" into the notes section of the order. 

We will NOT cut the 40 yds into 4 x 10 yd cuts, but in the event of a splice, we will make cuts that work for your requirements. For instance, say we hit a splice at 33 yds. Instead of shipping 33 yds + 7 yds, we would create a 3 yd remnant, then pull another 10 yds. The resulting shipment would be 30 yds + 10 yds, which works for your project. 

How accurate are your fabric roll pictures on color? 

When it comes to product shots, we strive to take photos that are as representative of the actual color as possible. However, there are a number of variables involved when it comes to true color representation, including lighting, camera used, camera settings, the color being photographed, etc.

Furthermore, the color you see on your computer screen can vary depending on your monitor settings or the monitor itself. If you are a designer or just looking to nail a specific color, we strongly suggest that you order a sample pack to see the fabric colors first hand BEFORE ordering. This ensures that you know exactly what you're getting and end up with the color you desire :).  

Can I have fabric sent on a roll rather than cut and folded?

YES. If you're working in production or just ordering a large amount of fabric, this is almost a must. Handling large amounts of cut/folded yardage can be annoying and waste a LOT of time.

Fortunately, we have an in-house machine for rerolling fabric. To have your fabric order sent on a roll rather than cut/folded, just select the checkbox on the appropriate product page:

Ripstop by the Roll - Add fabric to roll option

Your fabric and "add to roll" option will be shown on the cart page:

Ripstop by the Roll - Add fabric to roll option

The charge for adding fabric to a roll is just $5 per roll. Because of bulk, we do charge exact shipping for all roll orders. To ensure accurate shipping charges, we will send you a separate shipping invoice after your order is packed. This invoice will provide a link for you to pay shipping via credit card or paypal. 

I need help sourcing a specific fabric. Can you help?

YES! If you need help finding and sourcing a particular fabric, please Contact us. We can and will work with you to find the optimum fabric for a set of given requirements. We can also start with a sample that you have and work to reproduce it.

Can I request samples of your fabric and insulation? 

Of course. We have a custom sample request system that allows you to select your own sample swatches. Hop over to the custom samples page for complete details. 

What if I need a variety of ripstop nylon or another fabric that you don't have on the site? 

Send us a message through our Contact us page. Seriously, if you don't see something and you'd like to, just let us know! Give details such as color (Pantone ref # is best), fabric weight, denier, and finish. Don't worry if you don't know every detail. Just ask and we can help you fill in the blanks.   

What is your return policy? 

You can return any purchase within 60 days for a full refund less shipping and a 15% restocking fee for any cut yardage. Send us a message through the Contact us page alerting us of the return, then send the package back to us.

IMPORTANT - Please include both your order # and a note telling us which item(s) you're returning with the package. We will process the return and quickly issue you the appropriate refund.   

What is a "calendered" fabric? 

Calendering is a process by which fabric ran through hot, heavy rollers at the mill. This flattens the fabric, seals the weave, and leaves one side of the fabric shiny while the other is matte/dull in appearance. This process is done to make the fabric downproof, increase wind resistance, and improve hand feel.  

I want to make a Climashield® APEX quilt. What are the temperature ratings? 

The ultimate temp rating of a quilt or apparel is subject to several variables, but as a rough guide, the following temperature ratings can be expected when using single-layers of Climashield® APEX insulation:

2.5 oz - 50o F
3.6 oz - 40o F
5.0 oz - 30o F
7.5 oz - 10o F

Is there a right and wrong side to your coated fabrics? (e.g. Silnylon) 

This depends on the particular fabric, but if there are distinct sides, this will be noted on the product page for that fabric.

For example, our PU4000 fabrics (e.g. 1.1 oz Silpoly PU4000) have a PU coating on one side and DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish on the other. For these fabrics, it is recommended to put the DWR finish out towards the elements and the PU side inwards.

Which side should face the insulation when using a calendered fabric?

All our calendered/downproof fabrics will have matte and shiny sides as a product of the calendering process. It is recommended that you put the shiny side towards the insulation (down, Primaloft, etc) and the matte/dull side facing out.

What products can be used to seam seal your coated fabrics?

For info on which seam sealer to use (e.g. Sil Net or Seam Grip), please reference the product page for the specific coated fabric in question. There you will find info on the best seam sealant to use for that particular fabric. 

If you have any questions on seam sealing, don't hesitate to contact us before ordering. 

Fabric Comparison Guides

To make fabric selection easier, we've put together several quick comparison charts based on fabric type. See below:

Lightweight coated/non-breathable fabric comparison chart


Need more help? Send us a message and someone from our team will get back to you.