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Ep. 62 - Deep Dive on Zippers



Every so often we like to do a deep dive on a particular topic. In the past, we've meandered down the rabbit holes of tapes that you may see in the MYOG world as well as discussed seams that are crucial for any DIYer.

Working with zippers is a must for any MYOGer. However, different projects will require different zippers. And different zippers will require different techniques. In this installment of our growing "Deep Dive" series, we'll talk about all things zippers.

You'll leave this episode with a new technique to try, a new understanding of zippers, or at least just some inspiration to try and make something new.

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Products Mentioned:


0.7 oz MONOLITE™ Ripstop Nylon Mesh

Epic Water Filters

Zipper Installation Tool