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Ep 30 - Adventure Sponsor: Mikaela Mckenzie


Episode:   30

Guest:   Mikaela Mackenzie 

Description:  Mikaela is a photojournalist from Manitoba, Canada. She personifies the best characteristics of a DIYer including sourcing and organizing her own down! Listen about Mikaela's adventure through The Great Divide trail. 

Show Notes:
HyperDRY 800 FP Duck Down
1.8 oz AIRWAVE™ Hybrid Ripstop Nylon
210D ROBIC Ripstop Nylon
1.1 oz Ripstop Nylon- Black / Calendered
Venom UHMWPE Pack Webbing
3D spacer mesh - 1/8"
0.66 oz MEMBRANE 10 Taffeta Nylon

The Great Divide Trail