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Venom UHMWPE Pack webbing

$7.00 /section
  • We searched far and wide for a webbing that was stronger, tougher, AND lighter than everything else. When we couldn't find it, we made it. Introducing Venom™ UHMWPE webbing.

    Designed, woven, and produced from scratch by us, Venom™ webbing uses one of the world's strongest fibers (UHMWPE) to yield a webbing that's super light, crazy strong, and more abrasion resistant than common nylon and polyester webbing.

    And the numbers don't lie. We tested our 3/4" Venom™ webbing to an average break strength of over 2700 lbs. To put that in perspective, our 1" polyester webbing has a break strength of just over 1500 lbs at over 3.5x the weight!

    If you want webbing that's lighter, tougher, and stronger, this is it. Period. Perfect for backpack strapping, webbing suspensions, pack loops, compression straps, carrying slings, etc. 

    * Note  - All sections of Venom webbing are sold in pre-cut 5 ft section and not continuous. For example, buying a qty of "2" 5 ft sections will result in two separate 5 ft sections.

    IMPORTANT  - If you're ordering multiple sections and need a single continuous piece, please  put a note on your order  and we'll cut it continuous (* 100 ft max continuous cut ). 

  • Product Details
    Color Black
    Material/Yarn Venom™ UHMWPE 
    Width 1", 3/4", 1/2", 3/8"
    Thickness 0.8 mm
    Tensile/Break strength 2474 lbF average (3/4"), TBD (3/8")
    Weight 3.25 grams/ft (1"), 2.5 grams/ft (3/4"), 1.7 grams/ft (1/2"), 1.6 grams/ft (3/8")

    *Usage with buckles: UHMWPE fiber is naturally more slippery than nylon and polyester. This combined with the thinness of Venom webbing can result in increased chance for slippage in some plastic buckles under the right conditions.

    We have tested Venom webbing with all our stock plastic side release and ladder loc buckles for a snug fit with no slippage under normal conditions. However, we cannot guarantee Venom webbing will work with ALL plastic buckles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Beautiful straps

The Venom Dyneema strap material is obviously stronger per gram than any nylon or polyester strap out there. I can feel the significant weight reduction just holding it in my hand. I love it! The only negative is that it is very slick, and how to adjust and secure it takes some thought.
Thank you Kyle for adding it to your product line,this is a very difficult material to find.

Unbelievably strong!

I'm a backpacker but I used the venom pack webbing for a somewhat unconventional project unrelated to backpacking. I have a 1960s Gravely "mower" and these machines start the old way where you wrap a strap or rope around a flywheel and pull your guts out! Got tired of the cotton straps shredding and ripping after a few uses. I made a new starting strap using Venom pack webbing and let me tell you this stuff is very shredding and no ripping. I am very pleased with it. Thanks!

Venom Webbing

I like this stuff as it is super light and strong. Best of all, it has enough bulk to work with every buckle I've tried, so far. No slipping. Besides a hefty price tag, the only concerns are that it is tough to cut (requires several passes of a wheel blade) and almost impossible to prevent fraying at the cut ends no matter how much you try to melt it. Just give up and sew all ends under.

Great stuff!

About to buy your UL line, and I would give anything if you would make the UL in 1.5". It would be beyond perfect for what I need to get a product line I have been wanting to launch for years, but have had no luck finding what I need. Until now we are only a 1/2" away.. lol

Hi Joshua, Thanks for the review. We're always interested to hear what our customers want. We'll look into 1.5'
Fast shipping and great products

As per the norm, my order arrived in a few days and I couldn't be happier with the products I've ordered. I am now and will always be a loyal and happy customer of Ripstopbytheroll

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