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HyperDRY 800 FP Duck Down

$25.00 /three ounces

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  • This is the down used by the best in the outdoor industry. Developed in conjunction with The North Face®, HyperDRY™ water resistant down is built upon years of research and development to outperform all other down on the market across the entire range of fill power. HyperDRY™ employs a proprietary nanotechnology water resistant coating that is invisible and does not compromise the texture or color of the finished down. The end result is a superior down fill for your gear/project.  

    From outdoor industry giants to the smallest cottage vendors, HyperDRY™ is quickly becoming the choice for high-end down gear such as quilts, jackets, and sleeping bags. Choose it for your next project.   

    *Sold in  3 ounce increments. Please enter the number of 3 ounce packs you want in the quantity box up top. For example, if you want 9 ounces total, enter "3" in the quantity box. 

  • Product Details
    Manufacturer Allied Feather and Down
    Down Type 100% Duck Down
    Fill Power  800 FP
    Treatment Proprietary water resistant treatment

Customer Reviews

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Very easy to use

I used it 18 oz to make an under quilt.
Packaged and compressed every 3 ounces, they were weighed and placed into each chamber with a metal spoon.
The work efficiency was very good because it was in a certain amount of mass until it was filled with air.
And when it included air, it grew brilliantly.
Can't wait to test quality in the field!

800FP Duck Down, Excellent product and always great service

I used this for a karo step top quilt using calendared 1.0oz HyperD for the shell and 0.67 noseeum mesh for the baffles. All materials purchased through RSBTR.
First, the packaging. The down comes super compressed in taped up ziplock bags that have 3 oz. a piece. This is really great when it comes time to fill your project. Because I used the karo step technique I was able to get both hands inside the quilt and open the zip lock bags one by one and start distributing the down around with my hands. This made it much easier and I had very little down to pick up out of the tub when I was done.
By comparison, I made a top quilt for my wife using down I purchased from Amazon that was supposed to be 850FP. Her quilt was slightly smaller in dimensions, and I used one ounce more in hers of the Amazon purchased down. There is no comparison between the loft between my quilt using the RSBTR down and the down from Amazon. The other one SHOULD have more loft since the dimensions were smaller and there was a little more down, but the opposite is true.
Get the down here. Don't get tempted by cheaper prices elsewhere, you will NOT get what you think you're getting other places. Get quality products from RSBTR.

Easy purchase

Down came in a heavy ziplock gallon bag with a small pin hole. No obvious feathers that I can see in the mix, although I am afraid to open the bag until ready to use it to add to my EE quilt that has cold spots.


HyperDRY 800 FP Duck Down

Hyperdry 800

Great product, used it to make my own hiking quilt. It's super warm and VERY light.

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