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HyperDRY 800 FP Duck Down

$25.00 /three ounces

6 packs in stock

  • This is the down used by the best in the outdoor industry. Developed in conjunction with The North Face®, HyperDRY™ water resistant down is built upon years of research and development to outperform all other down on the market across the entire range of fill power. HyperDRY™ employs a proprietary nanotechnology water resistant coating that is invisible and does not compromise the texture or color of the finished down. The end result is a superior down fill for your gear/project.  

    From outdoor industry giants to the smallest cottage vendors, HyperDRY™ is quickly becoming the choice for high-end down gear such as quilts, jackets, and sleeping bags. Choose it for your next project.   

    *Sold in 3 ounce increments. Please enter the number of 3 ounce packs you want in the quantity box up top. For example, if you want 9 ounces total, enter "3" in the quantity box. 

  • Product Details
    Manufacturer Allied Feather and Down
    Down Type 100% Duck Down
    Fill Power  800 FP
    Treatment Proprietary water resistant treatment

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Conveniently package

I've used this product before when making a quilt. I bought this one to add to a premade blanket I purchased off Amazon. I like how it comes package. It makes it easy to put on a scale and divvy up how much you need. Very happy

Thanks so much for the review Robert! We're glad the packaging was easy to handle considering down can be hard to work with. We'd love to see your finished quilt, be sure to tag us on social media!

800 down

Ordered 800 down to top off two older quilts. Shipping was fast even with Covid and stuffing was easier than thought. Quilts are much warmer now and am highly impressed by the quality.

Thanks for the review James! We are happy you received your HyperDRY 800 FP fast. We'd love to see your final project, be sure to tag us on social media!

Great products

This is my first time using any of these products. I quilt and sew clothes but I’ve never made a sleeping bag quilt. The quilt is for my 2 y/o granddaughter. The products I was able to buy were excellent.The resources to help me on this site and others were very good. Can’t wait to make another one!

Thank you so much Joan! We are glad you are pleased and we would love to see your finished quilt. Be sure to tag us on social media!

Lots of high quality down!

I lost my sleeping bag while trying to set up camp in a wind storm. It landed in a cactus and I ended up losing some down trying to get it free...
The 3 ounces was even more than I expected and I think I made my sleeping bag quite a bit warmer than before. ordered a sample pack of DFC and it worked well to patch the holes Very happy with my purchase!

Very easy to use

I used it 18 oz to make an under quilt.
Packaged and compressed every 3 ounces, they were weighed and placed into each chamber with a metal spoon.
The work efficiency was very good because it was in a certain amount of mass until it was filled with air.
And when it included air, it grew brilliantly.
Can't wait to test quality in the field!

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