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100D ROBIC® Ripstop Nylon

$6.00 /half yd

100D ROBIC® Ripstop Nylon

$6.00 /half yd

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    World-class textiles don't have to cost $20 /yd... 

    Our  100D ROBIC®  ripstop nylon was custom woven and produced by us with simplicity and design in mind - all at a price that won't leave you destitute. 

    SIMPLICITY - In true minimalist spirit, 100D ROBIC ® uses a basic square grid ripstop (no hex, diamonds, or thunderbolts...) combined with a super-strong high-tenacity ROBIC ® nylon 6 base. 

    DESIGN - Matching fabrics of different weights/thicknesses can be next to impossible. Why? Because they all look different. That's why we've taken the extra step to make every fabric in our ROBIC ® pack line. (100D,  210D 420D) as visually similar as possible, differing only in weight and thickness. 

    Lastly, both our 100D and 210D ROBIC ® fabrics feature a proprietary backside coating called UTS (Ultra Tear Strength)

    Unlike many traditional PU coatings, UTS is specially formulated to increase tear strength while offering excellent hydrolysis performance (i.e. breakdown of coating in water). 

    *This fabric is sold in 1/2 yard increments to help reduce cost for smaller projects. Please enter a whole number of half yards in the box up top. For example, if you want 7 yards total, enter "14" in the half-yard box. 


  • Product Details
    Width 60'' (including selvedge, ~58" usable)  (147.3 cm)
    Weight ~3.7 oz/yd 2  (104.8 grams)
    Denier 100D
    Yarn ROBIC® nylon 6
    Grid 3 mm x 3 mm box grid ripstop
    Finish/Coating UTS coated backside, DWR front - waterproof