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PU Coating | Definition


PU Coating is an acronym for Polyurethane Coating. 

polē-yur-a-thān cō-ting



Polyurethane coatings are the most ubiquitous coating found in outdoor textiles because they offer a balance of cost, ability to seal easily with seam tapes and durability. PU is normally added to the back of a given fabric to make it waterproof, and protect the coating. 


Pros of PU coatings include:

  • Simple to seam tape
  • Lower cost
  • Extremely high waterproof possibility 
  • Can be mixed with fire retardant chemicals
  • Great for backpacks/bags

Glossary Category:

Fabric Finishing


Cons of PU Coating: 

  • Reduces tear strength
  • Will eventually wear out over years, specially if stored wet 
  • The coating will breakdown over time from exposure and use 
  • Ads weight to the fabric