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HyperDRY 850 FP Goose Down

$38.00 /three ounces

26 packs in stock

  • This is the down used by the best in the outdoor industry. Developed in conjunction with The North Face®, HyperDRY™ water resistant down is built upon years of research and development to outperform all other down on the market across the entire range of fill power. HyperDRY™ employs a proprietary nanotechnology water resistant coating that is invisible and does not compromise the texture or color of the finished down. The end result is a superior down fill for your gear/project.  

    From outdoor  industry giants to the smallest cottage vendors, HyperDRY™ is quickly becoming the choice for high-end down gear such as quilts, jackets, and sleeping bags. Choose it for your next project.   

    *Sold in 3 ounce increments. Please enter the number of 3 ounce packs you want in the quantity box up top. For example, if you want 9 ounces total, enter "3" in the quantity box. 

  • Product Details
    Manufacturer Allied Feather and Down
    Down Type 100% Grey Goose Down
    Fill Power  850 FP
    Treatment Proprietary water resistant treatment

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
First Time With Goose Down

I’m pretty sure what I got was duck down and not goose down. There were a fair amount of dark feathers in the mix, which can bee seen through the fabric I used. There’s no difference in warmth, but not the pure white goose down I expected.

First down project-under quilt

Down was packaged well and lifted perfectly. Coupled with the down proof membrane and baffle material, this was a great project.

Great product

I recently made a 20F topquilt and used 13.5 oz of this 850 down. There was little to know quills which is awesome and as a bonus I found each bag contained slightly more down than specified. Overall very happy, just wish it wasn't so expensive.

Amazing Down!

This stuff is so warm and fluffy! Made a top quilt with it so far.

Good service, Debris in down

The ordering and delivery and tracking all worked great with Ripstop.
My 3oz bag of 850 hydrodown had multiple pieces of debris in it. One last a 1.5 inch sliver of cardboard, two 2” strips of narrow yellow plastic, three small bits of the yellow plastic and one piece of yarn material. I had to spend a fair amount of additional time on my project unstuffing a section to check for debris because I found it part way into my 3oz bag. The I had to go slowly and basically finger through all of it as I stuffed my project. I took a photos of the group of debris and sent to Ripstop. The confirmed it was packaging material from the primary/bulk packaging. They provided a partial refund.
Inspect your down.

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