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Customer Project: 1.0 HyperD Down Top Quilt

by Brett

  • This was my first down project, so I was pretty intimidated by the whole process at first. But thankfully, there is a TON of really good instruction out there and I was able use the tips and processes that I thought would work best for what I wanted.

    It really was easier than it looks. I decided on the karo step baffling, partly because I didn't want to have to weigh/divvy up the down, and because I liked the idea of being able to shift the down around when/if needed.

    I used 16 oz. of 850-fill down and ended up with around 3" of loft in the quilt. I'm hoping it'll get me down to around 20 degrees, but I'll have to wait until it cools down to see if that's accurate.