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Zippered Hammock Bugnet Kit

$3.61 /kit

Zippered Hammock Bugnet Kit

$3.61 /kit

  • This kit contains all the items required to make up to a Zippered Hammock Bugnet for your hammock. Take out the guesswork and get exactly what you need.

    Kit includes:

    Bugnet Material (*choose above)
    7 yds Noseeum Mesh

    Components (*prepackaged)
    (4') #5 YKK coil zipper
    (2) #5 YKK double-pull coil sliders 
    (1') 1" MIL-SPEC grosgrain
    (3) cordlocks 
    (5') 3/32" shock cord

    We've prepackaged the components you'll need, so all you do is select your noseeum mesh fabric above. Choose from all our in-stock materials and patterns (*patterns coming soon).

    The included fabric and components will allow you to make a bugnet that fits up to an 11 foot long hammock. We've also included the extra components (shock cord/cordlock) you'll need to make a stuff sack out of the scrap noseeum. 

    * Note - On cart page, kit and fabric will be shown separately, but total price will remain the same. This is done to manage fabric inventory. Please note that all kits are sold as a unit . We cannot sell components or any portion of the kit separately. You may purchase more than one kit, but multiple kits must be added to cart individually. 

  • Product Details
    Estimated Finished Weight (0.9 oz Noseeum) 10 ounces
  • NEW - illustrated PDF instructions for Zippered Hammock Bugnet Kit (revA, updated 6/17/16)  Keep in mind that the instructions mention a #3 zipper, but we have transitioned to a #5 coil instead-  CLICK HERE

    Have suggestions or something you'd like to see added to these instructions? Send an email to suggestions@ripstopbytheroll.com

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Andrea Palamarchuk
Bugnet complete

It was so easy to make! I’m proud👏👏👏

Making your own gear is such an awesome feeling (and highly addictive)! Happy Making!

Made it for a friend

Made the zippered bugnet for a friend who was leaving for a trip to the NorthWoods and wanted to keep mosquitos away. The finished product turned out nicely. My only complaint is the weight of the zipper pulls the bugnet off center. Adding a mitten hook to snap into the structural ridgeline solves that problem.

Dave Evans
Zippered bugnet kit

Bought this kit for my sons diy wide 11 foot hammock
Took me 2 hrs but was instantly gratified with an enclosed yet roomy bugnet
And it’s removable and my underquilts fit with room to spare
Great project going to order another soon
Look up “ Jellyfish “ on YouTube
She has a great tutorial she did on this bugnet, and she helped me get this done with words of encouragement

Thanks Dave! Jellyfish is certainly awesome. We love her videos, too. Let us know if you need anything.

Incomplete, no instructions

The kit came with no grosgrain or instructions. The instructions on the web site are not great, and are not great, and are not even consistent with the picture on the instructions themselves. (picture shows loops on top for a line to hold the net up, which are needed imho) Anyway, between the video, written instructions, and picture it was enough to put it together (already had grosgrain anyway). I'm giving it 4 stars because the end product is good, even though getting there could be made a lot easier with good instructions and a complete kit. Oh, and the kit should definitely include material and instructions, and maybe clips, to add loops on the top as shown in the diagram in the instructions.

Richard D.
Good kit

Really good kit but could do with a little more, wider, grosgrain to make it a bit easier.

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